6 Royal Caribbean passengers test positive for COVID-19 – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-07-30 12:36:05 –

Royal Caribbean said four people who tested positive were adults vaccinated with COVID-19 and two were unvaccinated minors.

Six passengers sailing on a Washington-Royal Caribbean vessel tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of the cruise and were quarantined, the company said Friday.

According to Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Ryan Sierra Caro, passengers (4 adults and 2 minors) embark on a 7-day cruise on an Adventure of the Seas ship and return to the Bahamas. It is said that.

According to Sierra Caro, all adults have been vaccinated with COVID-19, one with mild symptoms of the virus and the other three not. They weren’t traveling together.

Two minors who belonged to the same group but did not travel with any of the four adults who tested positive were not vaccinated and showed no symptoms. A spokeswoman said.

According to Sierra Cano, all six are American citizens. They were quarantined and those traveling with them were tracked and tested negative, Sierra Cano said.

According to the Royal Caribbean Group, passengers over the age of 16 must be fully vaccinated and have a negative COVID-19 test before boarding, and children under the age of vaccination must be vaccinated. The test must be negative. According to the company, all crew members are fully vaccinated.

6 Royal Caribbean passengers test positive for COVID-19 Source link 6 Royal Caribbean passengers test positive for COVID-19

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