6th Hawaiian Monk Seal Found Dead on Molokaʻi – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-09-26 02:09:39 –

September 23, 2021 15:52 HST

File photo of L11 dozing on the sand of Kalaupapa National Historical Park (Credit: National Park Service / G.Puig-Santana)

Hawaiian monk seals have died six times on Molokai within the past year, and authorities are investigating the cause.

On Sunday, September 19, people reported the death of a young female seal on the southern coast of the island, the Department of Land and Natural Resources reported. The animal was identified by a temporary bleach mark on her side as “L11”, one of the puppies born on the island in 2020.

The carcass of L11 has been sent to Oahu and is currently frozen as Hawaii’s COVID-19 condition prevents the NOAA fishery from being tested immediately after death.

The exam will be conducted as soon as possible.

An unprecedented number of Hawaiian monk seals have died on Molokai this year, and law enforcement officers from the NOAA Law Enforcement Authority (OLE) and the DLNR Conservation Resources Enforcement Department (DOCARE) are investigating the cause.

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A joint federal and state investigation into the latest deaths and others is ongoing, and those with information should call the NOAA / OLE (800-853-1964) or DOCARE hotline (643-DLNR). We recommend using the free DLNR Trip app.

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The report can be anonymous.

6th Hawaiian Monk Seal Found Dead on Molokaʻi Source link 6th Hawaiian Monk Seal Found Dead on Molokaʻi

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