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“It’s grind. It’s not easy, but I like it. I love it. I live for it.”

Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale began rehab on Saturday at Worcester’s Polar Park. The Boston Globe Christiana Botic

Worcester — Red Sox Ace’s Chris Sale took a new step towards returning to Major League Baseball on Saturday, throwing five innings at a rehab start with the Triple A Worcester Red Sox.

Sale, who I had Tommy John surgery In March 2020, he made a solid outing at the fourth start of the minor league (81 pitches (51 strikes), 1 run, 7 strikeouts, walks) and defeated the Buffalo Bisons 4-2.

Here are seven points.

1. Probably the most important note from the start on Saturday: Sale said he feels normal again. He doesn’t feel like he’s rehabilitating and he’s not trying to work on a particular pitch. Rather, he is trying to compete with the batter in the flow of the game.

“I finally got a real job for the first time in two years,” said the hilarious sale after leaving the game. “I felt good. I felt normal today. I was competing as usual, throwing all the pitches and competing again. Knowing that I would only go 2 or 3 innings today It’s not. Today it was like, “Hey, you have to carry some luggage and you have to understand how to navigate this game.”

The sale hit the side in the third inning, but he worked in the fourth inning when he allowed his only run in a doubles pair.

But he didn’t mind the additional work.

“I’m fighting now, it’s like I was fighting a healthy self,” Sale said. “I feel good again because I’m healthy again. The feeling I have, I enjoy it. It’s grind. It’s not easy, but I like it. I love it. I love it. I live for. “

Importantly, the sale felt great after the match.

“I still feel a little loose and capricious,” Sale said. “I know what tomorrow will bring, but today is going well so far.”

2. The headline for the match on Saturday revolves around the sale, but the match was played by an outfielder. Tate MassennyA ridiculous jump catch on the fourth wall to steal Bison infielder Kevin Smith from Homer.

When Smith came into contact, Sail visibly frowned and threw his long arm to celebrate following Massenny’s catch. Massenny chased his hero with a two-run home run at the bottom of the frame.

“It was great,” Sale said when asked about Massenny’s catch. “It was huge. I know I’ve led the innings and still gave up the run, but things may have gone awry.”

3. The sale was asked if Thursday’s contest against Scrunchon would be the start of his last rehab — a rational interpretation Leftover tea leaves By Alex Cora, Red Sox manager.

“They don’t give me such information,” Sale said. “I am grateful for today. I am grateful for yesterday and the day before. And when tomorrow comes, I will be grateful for it.”

It may seem that the team isn’t giving the sale a timeline, but he may not rush through minor league jobs. Sale said he was on the bus buying a local supper for his teammates.

Reliable food for sale in Worcester? A small restaurant called Shawarma Palace in downtown that he visited many times. Restaurant owner Charles Dali was outside Polar Park, hanging out after a press conference at Sale to ask if Sale had said anything about his establishment. He glowed when the informed sale gave him a fervent scream.

“To be honest, I didn’t believe it when I first got the call,” Dali told “I was honored to serve him. To be honest.”

5. Red Sox There was a relatively quiet trading deadline The rest of the league has exploded and fans are looking for a sale as a big addition to the team. Sale knows that the team needs to be ready right away. There isn’t much time to ease things before the playoffs.

“It’s skyrocketing like spring training, but the first day of the season hasn’t started,” Sale said. “We’re in the middle of something special right now. We’re at the top of the pack right now. We don’t have time to go out and do this or that, so we have to pitch. You have to be good at pitching. “

Sale said he liked the Red Sox being quiet on the deadline.

“I don’t think you need a big one,” Sale said. “When you’re out, you’re already doing something. I like the people who were in the clubhouse, obviously the additions will help, and we’re from there It rolls. “

6. Worcester’s Polar Park had record attendance, officially reaching 9,508, but seemed more. Fans crowded the leftfield berms and filled the stadium.

“This is a big deal,” said a stadium employee.

Ushers said it was not easy to interact with minor league fans who were free to roam the stadium, and many were “nasty.”

“I usually don’t even have a radio,” the guide lifted and said.

7.Sale achieved post-match availability with a cut-off T-shirt featuring Daddy Longneck, a viral social media star with Marfan Syndrome (a hereditary disorder that results in thin frames, long arms and long legs). ..

“He may be the only person in the country who can make me feel jacked,” Sale joked.

The next start of the sale may take place on Thursday at 7pm

7 takeaways as Chris Sale makes rehab start for Worcester Red Sox Source link 7 takeaways as Chris Sale makes rehab start for Worcester Red Sox

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