75 animals killed in fire at Ponderosa Pet Resort in Georgetown – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-19 18:41:54 –

Fire chief John Sullivan said firefighters responded quickly to calls reporting fires at the resort, but were unable to save the dog.

Georgetown, Texas — About 75 dogs Ponderosa Pet Resort Saturday, September 18th in Georgetown Georgetown Fire Department The chief confirmed on Sunday. The city of Georgetown has confirmed that all animals involved are dogs.

Twenty-five firefighters responded to the fire after receiving multiple 911 flame calls at the resort around 10:56 pm on Saturday. The crew arrived at the scene within 4.5 minutes and found intense fire and smoke.

Sullivan said the initial focus was to save as many lives as possible. The crew was able to access the building and open ventilation to control some of the smoke. But they couldn’t save the dog in the building. Sullivan said there were no humans inside.

“I was shocked. I’ve been doing this for 29 years and this is the first time we’ve lost so many pets. And for me it’s the term used. I hate pets are more than pets. They are my best friends, and I wish I could properly convey my inner feelings.

According to Sullivan, the building is made of metal, so it’s not a total loss. However, the building was damaged by heavy smoke and fire inside.

According to Sullivan, the focus of the division has shifted from trying to save lives to trying to find the cause of the fire and reuniting family and pets. Around 10 am on Sunday, the first investigation was completed and the department is working with resort owners to reunite their families and pets. I hope this will be done in the next 24 hours.

Sullivan said the fire department could not confirm information about fire alarms and sprinkler systems at this time due to the active and ongoing investigation, but said it was investigating the notification system. He also stated that this type of building does not need to be equipped with a sprinkler system, based on how long it existed and the general type of occupancy.

NS Ponderosa Pet ResortAlso on the website FAQ page The resort does not have 24-hour staff.

According to Sullivan, the investigation process is to first determine the cause of the fire and then investigate the various causes and eliminate them. He said the agency has brought arson dogs and is assessing all kinds of possible causes, including electrical and natural causes.

Sullivan also said the resort owners are very supportive and very regretful about the situation. The fire department has no reason to believe that the owner was trying to jeopardize the care of the dog.

“We’re considering every lead possible, so looking back at these … owners, owners who have lost their families, can be definitive about what happened, but even more. The important thing is not just what happened, but where it is, we can work together to find a way to prevent this from happening again in the future, “Sullivan said.

Sullivan doesn’t have much information about resort residents, but he knows that some of Georgetown’s workers had pets staying at the resort, so the situation is near home. be.Sullivan also has two dogs belonging to Georgetown police officer Michelle Gatti. Died of complications of COVID-19 I was staying at the resort earlier this week.

KVUE’s Connorboard spoke with a couple who were planning to adopt one of Gatti’s dogs.

“They were very sweet boys and Michelle loved them very much,” said Gilby Chapperson. “Granger loved chasing Michelle around the house, stealing and hiding things. Granger was named after country singer Granger Smith (Michelle’s favorite country singer).”

KVUE spoke to the owners of two pets who lost their dogs in the fire. Korin Hart, who lost his dog Sammy, said he wouldn’t stop crying after receiving the call. Jenny Signorelli, who lost her dog Ace, said he was part of her family and it all felt like a bad movie.

Sullivan said first responders themselves are dealing with the grief associated with the fire.

“It’s hard to accept the fact that no one was able to save a life in this building, even though it appeared so early. The conditions and smoke made it intolerable, and it’s hard. Wrap it up. ” “So we don’t have closures, but what we want to do is provide closures to those who have lost their families here.”

Sullivan said authorities should give clearer signs of what causes have been ruled out next week or later. However, he said there could be some factors that could not be decisively excluded, and the fire had not been for some time as the department kept the case open in case of new information or leads. He said it could remain fixed or it could remain indefinite.

NS State Fire Marshal Office This survey is supporting the Georgetown Fire Department. According to Sullivan, anyone who has photos and videos related to the fire can send them to the department.

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75 animals killed in fire at Ponderosa Pet Resort in Georgetown Source link 75 animals killed in fire at Ponderosa Pet Resort in Georgetown

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