8 accessories to get your car in the spirit of Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner if diminishing sunlight and spooky neighborhood decorations didn’t give it. Everyone knows that decorating our home is a classic Halloween tradition, but what about our second home? Yes: You can also make your car feel creepy.

Even if you’re not planning a trunk or treatment, it’s fun to drive sweets in a spooky car and go to the store. So I found some accessories on Amazon. You can add these accessories to your ride to add spooky elements and immerse yourself in the spirit of Halloween.

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Halloween lanterns

These lanterns will look great in your car. The set comes with 6 lanterns illuminated by LED lights and can be hung anywhere with the included hooks. Be careful not to interfere with visibility.

Fake arm in the trunk

This is a good old prank. A fake arm hanging from the trunk. The arms on this cloth sleeve will definitely wonder if they are looking at the driver behind you.

Red blood sticker

These blood stickers are a classic way to attract double takes. The set comes with 3 stickers, a total of 21 stickers. It looks like it’s gone through a zombie apocalypse.

Skeleton bent decoration

This skeleton trio is a great addition to your car’s vents. They are fragrance clips. Fragrance and cotton dissipative pads are sold separately. I think it’s cool.

3D stick on devil horn

Want to add a little devilish charm to your vehicle? These 3D horns are about 4.5 inches high, so it’s not ridiculous. Stick them on the roof or your bumper whatever you decide.

Yankee Candle Spice Pumpkin Fragrance

Check out this spice pumpkin fragrance if you want your car to have a Halloween scent. The nose includes nutmeg, spicy pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla. Latte lovers, this is for you!

Halloween License-Plate Frame

This license plate frame is adorned with the iconic Michael Myers, his knives and some other eerie ornaments. If you don’t want to use it all year long, you can put it on and take it off with two simple screws, so you can store it until next year.

Peep-Monster Sticker

What is a peep from under the trunk? This black decal works in any color and creates an eerie optical illusion. It is waterproof, sticky and removable.

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8 accessories to get your car in the spirit of Halloween

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