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If you’re looking for an alternative way to remove makeup without a wipe, you don’t have to look anymore as we have tips and tricks to help you!

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One of the worst emotions in the world is to go home just to realize that you are all outside Makeup wipe.. Wipe is very convenient because instead of performing the entire skin care routine, you can simply swipe your face. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel stressed when you run out of wipes. We’ve put together an alternative way to remove makeup, so your face will be fresh and clean in no time.

Why you don’t want to use wipes

There are some drawbacks to using make-up wipes. This includes, but is not limited to, skin irritation, completely unsanitary, and waste. Always rubbing your skin and eyes with a wipe can strain your skin. In addition to pulling on the skin, rubbing it too much or rubbing it too hard can irritate the skin. Another reason you don’t want to use wipes is that wipes only remove surface-level makeup leaves.So if you wipe off the makeup of the day, your face may look nice, but it’s not Completely clean Because makeup has penetrated into the skin over time.

How to remove makeup without removing makeup

Fortunately, there are many ways to remove makeup without a wipe. Below is a summary of various techniques and tips.

Micelle water cleansing

Micelle water is a Holy Grail product because it can act as both a face wash and a makeup remover. The lightweight formula is very easy to use, just pour a little into a cotton pad or ball and gently swipe on your skin to remove makeup.One of our favorite products Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water.. This product has over 28,000 positive reviews on Amazon and works well on all skin types. Not only is it gentle on the skin, it also keeps your face clean without drying out. One customer said, “This is amazing. It takes 10 minutes for the faucet water to warm up (the building has old pipes), so I hate washing my face in the winter. I like to wash it in cold water in the winter. It’s hard. Yeah, something like this saves me from doing it, and it really takes off your makeup. I don’t have a lot of makeup. Maybe that’s why it works. Also, washing your face with hard water from Los Angeles is not good for your skin. “

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products in the world. It can be used not only as a moisturizer for the face and body, but also as a makeup remover. Just warm it with your fingertips and wipe the entire face. The makeup will melt and you can either moisten your hands and wipe them off, or wipe them off with a towel.The· Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil It’s the perfect option and has about 50,000 positive reviews on Instagram. One user said, “This product is amazing! When you open the jar, you can feel how pure and organic it is. It has a heavenly scent, is very moisturizing and is soothing to the skin! After bathing I also use it on my baby and use it on my face as a night moisturizer. I love the fact that it’s so natural, organic and from the Philippines … you just rub coconut meat from coconut It tastes good and I don’t mind licking my lips when my baby applies it to my face. I’ve tried other brands before and this is exactly what I was looking for I will buy it again. “


Believe it or not, aloe vera not only heals burns, but is also very helpful in removing makeup.The· HoneySkin Organic Aloe Vera Gel It’s perfect because it’s infused with Manuka honey, which soothes and moisturizes. Rub it on your face to dissolve the makeup and wash it off. With over 7,000 positive reviews on Amazon, people swear this aloe vera. One user said, “Amazing aloe vera gel! Clear gel goes easily, dries fast, has no noticeable residue. I have very sensitive and thin skin, and usually most of what I put on my face burns. It leaves red and dry skin. It is not this gel, it heals wounds and moisturizes the skin without feeling sticky or heavy afterwards. It is a really wonderful product. I highly recommend it. I will continue to order it. I will continue. “

Olive oil

Who knew this household product would be so useful? It may look glossy when applied to the face, but it is actually very safe and moisturizes the skin. Thick oils help dissolve makeup and remove dirt and stains without drying the skin. Apply to the entire face until the makeup is gone, then rinse and wipe off.

Soap and water

Nothing beats good old soap and water. We don’t recommend using hand soap, but a simple bar of ivory soap works well. Aim for a fragrance-free product that does not irritate the skin, rubbing it with your hands, rubbing your face, and removing it with water until the bar comes off.

Gel cleanser

If you’re looking for a refreshing cleanser that removes all impurities without drying your skin Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel.. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it is safe for sensitive skin. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid to provide maximum hydration. To use, moisten your face, get a cleanser, add water, lather and rub on your face. Over 14,000 people vowed this cleanser, one said, “I love this one … why? It actually hydrates, look at the figure! When the product does what they say. Don’t you just like it. At night when I’m so lazy and don’t want to go through the routine of my entire face ending in a mirror of splashes of water, hmm. I pour this magic gel into my hand and rub my face , Brush your teeth, iron and look at Rosanne. Then when I remember-grab a splash, moisten it and wipe it off. Badabin Bataboo, hello pretty girl! “

Oil cleansing

Some people are afraid of oil cleansing because they think it will make their skin more oily. But that was nothing more than the truth. It involves two steps, but you get. Deepest and freshest clean when done. To do this, get an oil cleanser, apply it to your dry face with dry hands, and rub it until all the makeup has melted. Then wet your hands and rub the oil until bubbles start to appear. Dry your skin with a towel. After removing everything, use your favorite facial cleanser to lather your skin for a second cleansing. This will give you clean and refreshing skin.Definitely one of our favorite oil cleansers DHC deep cleansing oil.. With over 9,000 positive reviews, this oil works seriously.

One satisfied customer said this was much better than a wipe. “So I’ve been using this product for a few months and wanted to try it before leaving a review. I use it to remove makeup, but it’s much better than a wipe. You only need a small size of 5p and it goes along the way. I used a waterproof mascara and hurt it to get rid of it. It starts with greasy and slow motion Rub the entire face with. When washed with the desired facial cleanser, it literally peels off in the absence of grease. It really makes my skin fresh and soft. After wiping my face with a cotton pad and micellar cleanser, No stains or makeup visible as DHC does all the cleansing. Absolutely recommended! I have Asian skin and it’s very dry so it’s suitable for this type of skin. “

Cream cleanser

Cream cleansers are a great way to remove makeup, and moreover, it’s superhydration. You may have heard of cold cream from moms and grandmas, but this is a true way to remove makeup. Apply cold cream to your dry face with dry hands and stroke everything. Rub until the makeup begins to melt and let it sit for a few minutes. When ready, rinse and dry with a towel.One of our favorites so far Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser There are over 4,600 positive reviews on Amazon. A very happy customer said, “I’ve been using this cold cream for less than a year and I’ve seen it used by my grandma for the rest of my life. It’s a really great product and as it says (and my grandma says). It works like that. It has a light and clean scent, which is ideal for removing makeup and washing your face every day. It is easy to wash off and keeps your skin fresh. Some people have sensitive skin, but it can be frustrating or frustrating. It won’t cause skin irritation. I highly recommend this! “

8 Alternatives-Hollywood Life-Hollywood Life

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