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8 On Your Side: How the pandemic positively impacted meal delivery businesses – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-29 19:25:49 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — The company, known to many as Gobble, was born out of Ooshma Garg’s own struggle to put home-cooked food on the table.

She and her executive chef devised a 15-minute one-pan dinner kit, high-quality meals, and served dishes from around the world.

“We are your sous-chef. We do all the preparatory work so that a busy family can cook a supper in one pot in 15 minutes,” says Garg.

The company’s direct sales model was built to handle a variety of menus and agile supply chains.

“What broke the supply chain of traditional grocery stores opened up opportunities for start-ups and next-generation food companies to go directly and deliver,” she added.

In fact, even after the pandemic surge, her business has seen a 20% increase in orders from existing members, Garg says.

She says they are more aware of less food waste and are getting a high quality fresh meal on the table.

“Since tens of thousands of families who had pre-pandemic orders changed their behavior and shifted from grocery stores or increased takeaway nights, it’s easy to still maintain some of the pandemic cooking behavior. We’ve shifted to finding a solution. Working role, “says Garg.

Gobble has chefs nationwide who prepare and ship overnight to customers in 46 states.

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