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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — In central Tennessee, there are concerns about mass shootings at Road Rage. With these violent incidents, authorities and drivers are on the lookout for aggressive drivers on the verge of causing confusion.

In many cases, even if you drive carefully, you can endanger others.

“Of course, the problem arises when aggressive driving escalate to so-called road rage, when it can be very dangerous on the road,” said a AAA spokesman. Megan Cooper says.

Cooper often sees this trend. According to a 2019 AAA survey, nearly 80% of drivers admit that they felt a great deal of anger while driving. Eight million drivers say they have been caught up in extreme road rage, slamming into another car or driving another driver off the road.

“When frustration creeps in, things can get very difficult. Often we tend to take it personally. If someone wants to block us or merge lanes, I think it’s aimed at us, but it may not be, “Cooper said.

Some of these frustrations occur when the driver honks, chases another car, or takes top speed on the freeway. This is what more than a million people recognize.

“If you’re likely to be speeding up, you’re in a hurry. You’re frustrated. You’re probably in a bad mood and can affect your driving habits,” Cooper says. I did.

According to Cooper, these driving habits tend to be more common in men. According to data collected by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, men tend to speed up, tailgate, join in danger, make rude gestures to other drivers, and honk. The recognition that there is is confirmed. Women also recognize dangerous driving habits such as red lights.

“We also looked at age factors, so young drivers, regardless of gender, are much more likely to behave aggressively than older drivers,” Cooper explained. Many mergers will occur. “

Another big issue is location. In 2014, the state reported that there were more than 4 million licensed drivers on Tennessee roads. As more people move to the area, they are more likely to be in a violent situation.

“One or more frustrated drivers is very dangerous for everyone on the road,” says Cooper.

AAA provides tips to help drivers manage aggressive driving scenarios.

  • Do not violate: Do not let other drivers change speed or direction.This means that you don’t let other drivers use the brakes or turn the steering wheel, depending on what you did.
  • Please forgive me: Other drivers may just be sick. Think of it as not personal.
  • Do not respond: Avoid eye contact, do not gesture, make room around the car and contact 911 if necessary

80% of drivers admit to extreme anger, warns AAA Source link 80% of drivers admit to extreme anger, warns AAA

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