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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-05-28 01:00:23 –

Madeline Adams is the author of her own story.

Of all the chapters that began and completed in her 80-year-old life, one remained unfinished: college graduate.

Adams enrolled at the University of Nebraska Omaha (then Omaha University) in the 1960s, but dropped out to raise his family.

“Life has happened,” she said.

Retirement was sneaking up on her after changing jobs with her three children who took her from Missouri to Hawaii and Texas. At every milestone, she was a source of inspiration and patience for her children and her great-grandchildren. Instead of playing with her, her children gave her back and inspired her to finish what she started many years ago.

“I graduated from school, and my kids encouraged me in these later years – years of these curtains:” Mom, you’re not going to be a couch potato, “she said. ..

Approximately 1,000 miles across Madeline to UNO’s campus at his home in Galveston, Texas, proved to be non-obstacle. UNO’s online course makes it easier for you to acquire an associate degree from a few years ago at your own pace and ultimately a bachelor’s degree specializing in criminal justice. This is a degree that supports her work with the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

With her graduation hat nicknamed “Did It At 80” and “Granny Girl,” she crossed the stage with her diploma and applauded in front of about 1,500 colleagues. Her loved ones who traveled across the country to celebrate the day with her.

An interview she went to a local news station on her graduation day was caught, became a national news article over the weekend, and was syndicated to more than 150 stores from coast to coast. Her story serves as thousands of evidence that you will never be too late to finish what you started.

At the end of the day, with all the spotlights and fanfare, it all returned to Adams and she chose to conclude another chapter.

“I would like to thank myself for making the decision and sticking to it,” she said. “I started with the goal of putting a period, and the period was put.”

80-Year-Old Student Earns Degree, Completing a 60-Year Journey | News Source link 80-Year-Old Student Earns Degree, Completing a 60-Year Journey | News

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