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82-year-old woman arrested after neighbor says she shot a bullet into son’s bedroom – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2020-11-19 19:23:03 –

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – An 82-year-old woman stood behind the bar in a feud brewed across a fence in southwestern Oklahoma City.

Shirley Walker was arrested last Friday after police said he had fired a bullet at his neighbor’s house.

“She was able to kill someone. She could really hurt someone and no one takes it seriously,” said the homeowner who didn’t want to be identified.

The homeowner is now afraid of the lives of her family. This is the latest in a series of problems with her 82-year-old neighbor Shirley Walker.

“She decided to start using a rock-shooting slingshot in my house. It wasn’t enough for her, so she graduated from a pistol,” the homeowner told News 4.

The homeowner lives with his two teenage sons.

Looking at the pictures taken by one of his sons, Walker points to something that looks like a slingshot in a family home.

Police were recalled to the house in March after the windows of the family’s house were allegedly broken by rocks.

The homeowner says it was Walker who did it, but he has never been charged.

But now she says it’s just getting worse.

Earlier this month, a family home that was unpowered due to a recent storm.

“She knew I was out of power. She knew my camera wasn’t working. She shot into my youngest room. If he was sleeping there If so, she would have hit him very well, “said the homeowner.

“When the police arrived, they did find a bullet hole in their dwelling,” MSgt said. Gary Knight said.

Walker was later arrested by Oklahoma City police in the case, but was subsequently detained from Oklahoma County Prison.

We called Walker and tried to grab her side of the story, but her lines were dead.

However, her daughter later called us saying she was preparing to move Walker elsewhere.

Her daughter also tells News 4, while Walker shouldn’t have shot a gun at home, her mother was afraid of herself.

She says Walker knocked on her door late at night trying to wake her up for fear of her neighbor’s top teenage son breaking into her house.

But neighbors say it’s all walkers.

“I’m scared to death. I don’t want you to go out,” said the homeowner. “I have nothing to say to that woman other than’goodbye’. She caused so much pain and anger, and that much worry is in me.”

According to police, Walker was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. They also say that Walker was a player in several other police reports submitted by his mother, but has never risen to a level of criminal activity.

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