9/11 US Congress. 1/6 Capitol Riot Deepened Division

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Washington — As a majority leader in the Senate on September 11, 2001, Tom Daschle was one of those who rushed to evacuate in the turmoil of a possible attack on the Capitol, but returned later that night. Showed bipartisan unity and decided on the marble stairs, many fled just a few hours ago.

“We all got together after 9/11 and professed to be Americans, not just Republicans and Democrats. We sang” God Breath America “on the stairs of the same Capitol and reopened the next morning. “Former Dashur says. South Dakota Democratic Senator recalled this week.

But like many Democrats, Daschle isn’t in a unified mood after being attacked by a Trump-supporting mob last week on the Capitol, and January 6th is the moment of September 11th. Has not been proven.

The threat to Congress this time was not from 19 gloomy hijackers from abroad, but from the inside. Fellow Americans and colleagues, who are always in the House and Senate meeting rooms, tried to overturn the victory of Joseph R. Byden Jr. in the presidential election. It aroused a false allegation of President Trump’s election theft, which caused a violent riot chasing lawmakers from the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“At 9/11, we united as Americans against common enemies, foreign enemies, and foreign terrorists,” said Senator Susan Collins, the main Republican at Capitol Hill for both crushing events. Said. “On January 6, America split against itself.”

Indignant at Republican actions that perpetuated Mr. Trump’s widespread fraudulent allegations, Democrats banned and blamed members for overturning the presidential election after the impeachment attack. I am determined to impeach again. Impeach the Parliament and Republicans who do not recognize their role and do not apologize.

The recognition that the 2001 terrorist attacks on Washington and New York, and the horrific assault on the Capitol, was prevented only by the brave passengers who dropped Flight 93 in Pennsylvania provided an extraordinary period of parliamentary friendship and cooperation. I did.

Despite the protracted Democratic resentment over the Supreme Court’s ruling that gave George W. Bush president just a few months ago, the parties quickly showed strength. Democrats and Republicans set aside their very realistic differences, including concerns among some Democrats that the new administration did not pay attention to warnings about the attack, the country and the world. Presented an inviolable front line to.

“This Congress is united — Democrats, Independents, Republicans.” Democratic leader Richard Geppert of Missouri said on September 12 that Congress condemned the attack and was in such a situation. When faced with a resolution promising unity of the people, he declared it in the gloomy and angry minutes. threat. “There is no light or air between us. We stand side by side.”

Today, there is complete hostility among parliamentarians, and despite Biden’s planning of an “America United” -themed inauguration, it will be difficult to contain his emotions. This is a great goal, but it seems difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. moment.

Democrats blame Mr. Trump’s supporters and themselves in weeks for unfounded claims about election fraud, causing a significant number of Republican colleagues to instigate an attack on the Capitol. Say you are a person. While undermining the most basic beliefs of American democracy, the attack jeopardized the safety of lawmakers, law enforcement, staff, and members of the press. Democrats are now reporting that they are getting angry with a positive coronavirus test after being quarantined in a safe room with Republicans who refused to wear masks.

They specifically refused to allow Mr. Biden’s election, and the same Republican lawmaker who fueled the division over the outcome impeached Mr. Trump and stopped pushing to punish Republicans, and the public He is furious at the delay in unity and the appeal.

“They don’t want unity. They want forgiveness,” he said. Arizona’s Democrat, Congressman Ruben Gallego, is still angry with the Republican challenge to the state’s vote. “They want us to forgive them for their crimes and cowardice that happened under Donald Trump. They want to forgive them, rather than defending the US Constitution and our democracy. I want to feed the monster. “

Mr. Gallego, who said he would lead the Natural Resources Subcommittee, said he and other Democrats would not be aware of the consequences of their actions if Congress did not take steps to expel the most candid people to count. Mr. Biden’s electoral college said he was looking for a way to alienate Republicans.

“If you’re one of those who voted not to allow Arizona to vote, I’m thinking of not allowing Republican bills to go to the floor,” he said in the past on a regular basis with Republican bills. Mr. Gallego said he was. “Unless you have some resentment, I don’t know if you can see any of these members in the same way.”

For a short period last Wednesday, the House and Senate were reconvened in the same room looted by the mob just hours ago, and decided to demonstrate that the riots wouldn’t stop counting, so the style of September 11th. I glanced at the hope for unity. Of the electoral college. Parliamentarians struck a rebellious tone reminiscent of Capitol Steps singing, occupied by hundreds of rebels trying to deny Congress the opportunity to count legitimate presidential votes.

“The US Senate will not be threatened,” said Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and a majority of leaders. “We will not be locked out of this room by thugs, mobs or intimidation.”

At the same time, some Senate Republicans, especially Kelly Loeffler, Georgia, have withdrawn plans to challenge the electoral college. However, other Republicans pushed their opposition despite the turmoil that the election challenge had just brought to the Capitol and the fact that they would definitely fail, one of whom was the seven Republican Senate. It was supported by lawmakers and 138 members.

“I appreciate both the Senate and House leaders for returning to business hours afterwards, but I was shocked by the fact that the majority of the House Republicans voted to overturn the election results.” Said Dashur, who recommended both ethical investigations. Chamber. “It’s really nice and very annoying. There’s no more contempt for them and the Senate people who led their efforts.”

Republicans have protested that Democrats are trying to abuse riots for political gain and risk more violence on their own by impeaching them.

“Why do you keep doing this?” Arizona Republican Congressman Debbie Lesko said Tuesday before taking steps to ask Vice President Mike Pence to deprive Mr. Trump of his authority under the 25th Amendment. Pressured the Democratic Party at a tense meeting of the Rules Commission. “It can cause more divisions. Chalk the victory and move on.”

Democrats ridiculed the Republicans for still refusing to admit that the elections were not stolen or that Mr Biden’s victory was not the result of widespread fraud.

Without the sincere approval of the relevant Republicans to be the instigator and realizer of the January 6 mayhem, Democrats demand accountability for the attack on the Capitol that rocked Washington and move on. I wasn’t ready.

For now, the political unity that has been a decisive feature of the aftermath of the September 11 attack will remain out of reach.

9/11 US Congress. 1/6 Capitol Riot Deepened Division

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