9 takeaways as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown help Celtics cool off Hornets – Boston, Massachusetts

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Tatum and Brown scored 71 points in a big OT victory.

Charlotte Hornets Forward Miles Bridges defends Boston Celtics Forward Jayson Tatum in the first half. Associated Press Photo / Jacob Kupferman

Here, Celtics He claimed to have won an important victory over the sizzling Hornets team on Monday with the help of their best players.

1. Jayson Tatum scored 41 points. Jaylen Brown was 30 including gameplay (more on this later). So who was the player in the game?

Ask Emei Yudoka and the answer is … Marcus Smart — 12 to 3 from the floor, 9 to 1 from the 3 point range, 2 to 2 Huge defense play Stretch down. Smart took some heat from Celtics fans for his shoot, but he reminded everyone again late of why the Celtics believed in him.

“I told the group there, I don’t care about 41 and 30 from you, Marcus played a game that robs them of that last shot,” Udoka said. rice field. “… We know that the toughness, heart and soul of our team comes from him.”

Smart said he had experienced migraine and various other flu-like symptoms, but wasn’t even sure he could fit them. His teammates were pleased with what he did.

“He may not be credible for having a great match, but defensively he won the match for us,” Brown said.

2. Tatum was great — a performance that further filled the question about his 7:30 opener, 41 points with a 14:28 shot. He took 12 3 pointers, made 6 of them and won 7 trips to the free throw line (as usual: if Tatum reaches the line more than 7 times, he’s probably good evening Will be).

When Charlotte fell to Tatam, he took advantage of it — with eight assists, including one that was important to Rob Williams in the fourth quarter.

“I know it’s not perfect, but I’m trying to do it all, and knowing that I’m getting a lot of attention, find guys in their place and make them easy It’s going to look open, “Tatam said. “When everyone else is scoring, it just opens the game.”

If there is a lonely criticism of Tatam’s performance, it could be his isolated and heavy possession because the regulation has ended, but when asked about them after the match, the Celtics LaMelo Ball Said I wanted to isolate. If Brown joins the play, the Hornets will add one of their better defenders to the mix.

Another question is why the Celtics don’t slow down pick and roll with Tatum, As Udoka said on Sunday: There are no average 27 people per game. The answer may simply be that more complex play increases the risk of something going wrong.

3. Tatum was the Celtics’ highest scorer, but Brown had some of the biggest baskets: Year-to-date highlights — A giant one-handed hammer from the Miles Bridges overtime, raising the Celtics to 5.

“I had to make up for the dunk I missed in New York,” Brown said. “My teammates were making fun of me a bit. It was a good play. Miles is clearly one of the best athletes in the league, so if I try to lay up it, he will send it back to Boston. I knew I was going up, so I knew if I was up, I was up maliciously. “

4. The match on Monday felt like the first time I saw Tatum and Brown feeding each other, and the results were interesting. Even at best in the past, Tatum and Brown could feel like a pair of Your-Turn-My-Turn, but on Monday they improved each other and hurt wasps in various ways. When Tatam drew the crowd, Brown struck a knife on the edge. As Brown became hot, Tatam broke the cracks in his defense. When one player got off the floor, the other player seamlessly picked up the slack.

5. Robert Williams played 35 minutes, scoring 12 points, reducing 16 rebounds (6 of which were aggressive), assisting 4 times and blocking 3 shots. For a small lineup, Williams dominated the aggressive glass and soared beyond the top. Once again, he looked like an important part of the puzzle.

The first two games showed a nasty view of the Celtics, but a positive view of Williams. As the team finds the rhythm, it seems that the progress Williams has made in almost every respect has been amplified.

“His leap was great,” Brown said. “I’m looking forward to his continued growth. He can really pass, he had a great rebound tonight. I’m looking for Rob to do it every night.”

6. Dennis Schröder finished with 23 points, but his biggest contribution was to allow both Tatam and Brown to control the game during overtime when they suddenly started struggling to handle the ball. It may have been done. Schroeder, a more natural ball handler, seemed to calm everyone by filling the triple with a third base hit that helped the Celtics regain the lead and finding Brown three minutes later.

“The amount of open look he’s missing to start knocking down, he hasn’t found the perfect rhythm yet or hasn’t made any progress in these first few games, but we I know what he is, “Udoka said. “He was in Oklahoma City a few years ago. He was the guy who got out of the bench, scored 20 points per game, and then ended the game.

“That is, I feel the same when Jalen or Jason is off, or when only one of them is on. I need that secondary playmaker and scorer. He does it both ways. In addition to scoring, he had eight assists and only one turnover, so he is doing exactly what we are looking for in him. “

7. Jabari Parker pitched in a surprisingly solid first half that helped the Celtics counter the Hornets’ early onslaught of three pointers. He finished with 13 points with a 5-8 shot.

8. Miles Bridges and LaMelo Ball should be mentioned as an incredibly exciting young duo. Bridges is a spring athlete whose aggressive games are far more advanced than last season. The Celtics, on the other hand, chose the ball defensively, but the ball replied with 25 points on the other side, including seven three points. One of them even tricked Smart..

Smart called the ball a “really good player” after the match, but answered questions about second-year guards with a little salt.

“He’s going to get overtime, the house of highlights, the sports center and everything, but we’ve won. That’s all that matters,” Smart said.

9. The Celtics struggled defensively on Monday, but as Udoka pointed out, that effort was in stark contrast to last week’s blunder against the Raptors. Udoka said he believed the Raptors match was an anomaly caused by a severe defeat to New York two days ago.

“We feel like we’re building good chemistry,” Williams said. “We may ruin a lot of play and tend to be defensive, but we fight at the end of the day. As long as there is effort and the fight is there, everything else Will take care of himself. “

9 takeaways as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown help Celtics cool off Hornets Source link 9 takeaways as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown help Celtics cool off Hornets

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