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9 Things Parents Can Do on Sunday Nights to Make School Week Easier

These 5-minute tasks can completely change your week

Feed your child. A colorful, fun and nutritious meal. You’ll find it on the T HAPPY KIDS KITCHEN Instagram page and blog run by a trained chef, cookbook author, recipe developer, and MOM-EXTRAORDINAIRE HEATHER STALLER. But it’s not about making your diet Instagram-worthy. It’s about ensuring your kids eat them, even the little ones in Pixty. >> I learned not to take it so personally, the first OL.F AL and all the second, I learned some creative ways to excite kids about food So I’m excited to share it with everyone. ANTOINETTE: NE O Trick up her sleeves, breakfast for lunch. >> These are panques made from the sweet potato puree I added at MIXBU, TI, or canned pumpkin. Antoinette: Or what about some pizza muffins? >> It’s great for kids to get the excitement of pizza panda muffins, but there are three kinds of vegetables, they are made of whole wheat FLR.OU Antoinette: Heather is fun It’s all about mixing colors, but vegetables. >> We think they grew up thinking they should be separate, but it’s really fun for kids who know that cucumbers can be served in perfectly fine grapes. ANTOINET: TE We make sushi rolls of fruits and vegetables. >> This is a fun kids knife. KID’S KN E. ANTOINTE: ET I GET THE KID’S KNE.IF >> We are in my kitchen. I want to take responsibility for the missing finger. Antoinette: And the last tip is a cool container or a hot container. Today’s lunch boxes for both hot and cold food have many options and are offered in plastic or stainless steel. They also add some fun for those who are packing. >> I really like lunch because I really think it’s fun and healthy without spending time. ANTO

9 Things Parents Can Do on Sunday Nights to Make School Week Easier

These 5-minute tasks can completely change your week

Whether you’re at home with your kids or going to work at your desk every day, Sunday Scaries is so real. These easy-to-understand tips will help make your week a little smoother and significantly reduce stress. So the fear on Monday morning is a little less.


Plan a week’s worth of costumes (for you and your kids)

When a kindergarten child refuses to wear anything other than her at 6 am Halloween costumes, The last thing you want to do is iron.Plan your clothes on Sunday night Hanging organizer Keeping your clothes in an easily visible place will help you regain your morning time.


Post the menu

“Macaroni … again ?!” I can’t make it even if I can’t. Everyone Posting a weekly menu on the blackboard will help you plan and (hopefully) reduce your dissatisfaction. To make things even easier, stock up on something that pleases the cooked crowd and reduce your work. They require no effort and can be easily turned into sandwiches or salad toppers alone as a midnight snack.


Empty the backpack

Day care form? Permit license? Everything that needs attention needs to be addressed now, not Monday at 6:59 am.


Write a to-do list

Plan the top five priorities for the week and delegate everything that someone else in your family can take care of (Hello, laundry!).


Clean the bag

When your bag turns into a bottomless hole, you’ll waste time you don’t have to look for your reading glasses. Get ahead of the mess by taking weekly inventory and throwing things you don’t need (non-functional pens, crumpled receipts). can Find the key to your car.


End annoying tasks

No need to waste sunday Clean the house from top to bottom (Unless you think it soothes, of course). Instead, choose some manageable mess — empty the dishwasher or wipe the countertop — work on it. Cleaning the areas that are most stressful to you will make a big difference. In addition, starting the week without thinking about clutter will make you feel more refreshed.


Reply to email

Find a few minutes on Sunday night, reply to unanswered emails (or at least remove junk mail) and return missed calls.


Set an alarm

Yes, what you wake up is important, but don’t forget about other devices. For example, fill the coffee maker with water and set it to turn off before the bedroom wakes up, or ask Alexa to tell you to work with an umbrella when the door runs out.



Go for a run, read a chapter in a book, or spend some time in the garden. You can relax in just 5 minutes before you need to grind again. And no, scrolling Instagram just before going to bed doesn’t count.

9 things parents can do Sunday nights to make the school week easier Source link 9 things parents can do Sunday nights to make the school week easier

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