9-year-old girl seeks kidney transplant to save her life – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Seven Speights, 9 years old, spent her adolescent playing in the playground and painting and drawing in the room. The dream of one person becoming a chef or teacher. Now her only dream is to grow up to see through those dreams.

“I didn’t really feel something was wrong,” Seven said.

“It’s real,” said Seven’s mother, Natalie Logan. “We have to remember almost every day that this is happening and that this is our reality.”

In March 2020, after testing for a severe urinary tract infection, Logan discovered that his daughter’s kidneys were not functioning. Seven died from Tulsa to Oklahoma City for emergency treatment for stage 5 renal failure.

“That was the beginning of everything,” Logan said.

According to Logan, Seven immediately started dialysis, flushing toxins from the system and lowering blood pressure levels.

Complete renal failure was associated with complications. According to Logan, her daughter experienced temporary heart failure, pancreatitis, and cerebral edema, causing blindness.

“To see your child cry for you and say,’Mom, I can’t see you. I can’t see you,'” Logan said. “It’s incredibly scary, and I didn’t know if she was going to regain her sight.”

Seven’s kidneys were removed in December, and she spent her ninth birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve hanging on a hospital bed.

Her kidneys may have given up on her, but Seven hasn’t given up.

“I was looking back at the photos when I was in the hospital and thinking about myself.’I really experienced it,'” Seven said.

She’s not clear yet, but Seven was Just cleared to receive her kidneys. Logan plans to approve donating one of his kidneys to his daughter by August.

“My stuff is’honey’and she’s’biscuits’,” Logan said of the mother-daughter duo naming her kidneys. “I’ll give her the name Biscuit.”

Honey to her biscuits and 8 years from mother to one daughter.

“This is my daughter,” Logan said. “She is the love of my life.”

Give her another chance in life. A chance to see Seven grow up and live her dream of leading a chef and a classroom.

Logan aims to raise medical costs after the transplant. She said she and Seven would not be able to go through the procedure until sufficient post-transplant funding was proven.

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9-year-old girl seeks kidney transplant to save her life Source link 9-year-old girl seeks kidney transplant to save her life

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