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911 not using WEA alerts until target zone issue is resolved – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-05-18 00:20:41 –

Colorado Springs-El Paso-Teller County 911 authorities have identified three issues in the alert notification system during the Akerman fire in Stetson Hills and announced that they will not use the wireless emergency alert system until the cause of the issue is identified. bottom. ..

In the May 12 Akerman fire, evacuation orders were sent using Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), a system intended exclusively for people in the affected areas. However, officials say three issues were detected in the alerts sent that day.

  1. The alert arrived outside the affected area.
  2. The Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) link did not show a map of the affected area.
  3. The location information contained in the fire alert may be improved.

Wireless emergency alerts are separate from peak alerts that residents need to opt in. WEA sends a short message with vibrations and alert tones to WEA-enabled mobile phones in the local target area without downloading the app or subscribing to the service. By using these notifications, harming people, especially tourists, people traveling in affected areas during their daily commute, and people who are not registered to receive peak alerts. You can be sure to receive alerts.

Authorities said that ideally the WEA should notify citizens in the affected area not to exceed a 1/10 mile (528 ft) overshoot. Authorities have worked with Everbridge, the software used to send peak alerts, and FEMA to show why wireless emergency alerts have reached farther than intended and a map of the areas affected by WEA links. We are identifying the reason why it was not done.

The Q & A sent by the authorities also explained why the WEA notice was not sent on the afternoon of May 12 regarding the Alturas fire that broke out in the security wide field area. “Alerts were sent using Peak. Telephone, text message, and email alerts. Alerts targeted areas designated by the crew working on the incident. WEA notifications at Stetson Hills. WEA was not used in this case to allow authorities time to troubleshoot the issue, as it arrived earlier in the day beyond the area affected by the fire. “

Authorities said in the same Q & A that they would not use WEA notifications until they could identify why WEA reached outside the affected area.

Public security agencies will continue to use peak alerts to notify citizens living in areas affected by an emergency by sending targeted alerts by phone, text message, and email. To receive these alerts, you can register at the following URL:

911 not using WEA alerts until target zone issue is resolved Source link 911 not using WEA alerts until target zone issue is resolved

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