A $ AP Rocky says Donald Trump’s help after the 2019 arrest made it “worse” – Hollywood Life

When Donald Trump asked Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to release him in his new documentary “Stockholm Syndrome” after being arrested in the 2019 battle, Aisap Rocky said he “hey” I was scared. “

A $ AP Rocky, 32, talking about the former president Donald TrumpAttempt Please help him out He was imprisoned in a Swedish prison in 2019 and said he was “thankful”, but he was also worried that the move would “endanger” him “being there longer”. Stated.Rapper, who Arrested Held without bail in Sweden after the July 2019 battle, he mentioned the status of previous headline making in his new documentary. Stockholm SyndromeAccording to it, it just premiered at the Tribeca Enterprises. The Daily Beast..

“I was a little scared that Trump was trying to beat it,” A $ AP Rocky said when Trump, who was working on criminal justice reform at the time, asked the Swedish Prime Minister. Stefan Löfven For his liberation. Politicians even said they could “personally guarantee bail” at the request, but the Swedish judicial system does not allow bail and does not allow the prime minister to be involved.

A $ AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden in 2019 after the battle. (Shutterstock)

“But on the other hand, I was kind of like’what’s going on’,” A $ AP Rocky reportedly continued in the documentation while talking about Trump’s attempt to intervene. I will. “That is, you want to support you to the fullest. [can].. I felt good when the president supported me. Most of the time, he doesn’t know what’s going on in this political urban community or urban area. “

A $ AP Rocky reportedly documents that in retrospect, Trump’s actions are nothing more than a “chess move” on his part. “They tried a lot of armament, but in fact it was okay to say” thank you “to the guy, especially if he helped me, but that was what they were pushing. It was a story-he took me out, “he explained. “He didn’t release me. If anything, he made it a little worse.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump talked to the Prime Minister and tried to release A $ AP Rocky from a Swedish prison. (Shutterstock)

“LSD” songwriter Finally released He reportedly returned to the United States after staying in his cell until August 2019. The arrest took place in Sweden after two bodyguards, including him and two bodyguards. Bradymir Emilio Corniel And David Tyrone Lispers, 19 years old and had a physical quarrel Mustafa Jafari, Who claimed they tracked them and attacked them with headphones. A $ AP Rocky testified that he tried to avoid the fight, but all three were found guilty but were not sentenced to imprisonment after the sentence.

In addition to Trump, other celebrities who supported him during his arrest were included Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian And Naomi Campbell..

A $ AP Rocky says Donald Trump’s help after the 2019 arrest made it “worse” – Hollywood Life

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