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A behind-the-scenes look at K-9 training in Spartanburg Co. – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Sheriff’s Office in Spartanburg County will hold a large K-9 training workshop this week for several agencies across the state.

7 News introduced behind the scenes what it takes to become a K-9 handler.

“Most handlers spend more time with their dogs than their spouses and children,” said Lieutenant Steve Henderson of the Sheriff’s Office in Spartanberg. “Most departments work on a 12-hour shift. That’s the 12 hours you’re with this dog, every day you work. So you get very intimate. They go home with you at night. I’m going home.”

The relationship between the K-9 and its handlers is unique.

“K-9 will not leave you behind. They are fearless partners. They will be with you the moment you need them,” said the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. Lieutenant Matt Loverace said. “It’s a bond. They are there to comfort and comfort you, and they won’t let you down.”

The K-9 also has some important features.

“Detection of illicit drugs and explosives. Finding missing or endangered people who appear to be common in our community, or suspected criminals escaping on foot,” Loverace said. ..

But they can’t do that without training, and the handlers aren’t properly trained either.

That’s why the Spartanberg Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Kilo-9 Foundation, is hosting a three-day free workshop for special pairs.

Twenty-six handlers from about 12 different institutions from across the state brought the K-9 to study.

“The tool, with the right amount of training and the right hand, is a power multiplier for any institution,” Loverace said.

During training, the handler will be provided with important classroom information, such as a review of the use of force.

“Understand when you can use the K-9 and when you can’t,” Henderson said.

Next, you need to apply what you have learned in various scenarios with K-9.

“They will get everything from the down policemen they have to treat to the injured K-9 they have to treat,” Henderson said. “There may or may not be active shooting and tracking scenarios.”

Officials told Seven News that training is essential to save both lives and the K-9.

“We teach things from burns, which can get quite hot, especially in South Carolina in the summer, from gunshot wounds, puncture wounds, and how to deal with those kinds of things,” said a veterinarian. The doctor says. Rob Presley said.

“The number of police assaults and police murders is increasing,” Henderson said. “So we’re trying to provide these handlers with an additional toolset for using the tool belt to help them survive one situation where no one wants to find themselves.”

Officers also said they would help them serve their community in the right way.

“Tactics that are consistent with state and federal law and how they are adopted can help you get home at the end of the day, get your peers home, and keep your community safe. “I will,” said Loverace.

Training continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The sheriff’s office said K-9 training would not be possible without a donation from Sgt. Jumper family.

A behind-the-scenes look at K-9 training in Spartanburg Co. Source link A behind-the-scenes look at K-9 training in Spartanburg Co.

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