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A big anniversary for one of KC’s best restaurants, plus a milk-based cocktail you’ll actually want to try – Kansas City, Missouri

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Georgian soup dumplings in the Antler room.Photo by April Fleming

They are back: Antler Room celebrates four years

The restaurant is reviving the most popular dishes, but only two weeks left.

Aside from the time warp situation of the last year and a half, it doesn’t feel like four years have passed yet. Antler Room Opened at Hospital Hill (2506 Homes Road).

James Beard Award nominations, major nods from Eater and Bon Appetit, food and wine, wine lovers, and more, the calm chef-led restaurant led by Leslie and Nick Gellner has since earned the right praise. increase. These praises deserve, but the Goellners and Antler Room staff (which have been consistent throughout their tenure) say they’re not a special occasion or a breathtaking place, but a spot in your favorite neighborhood. I am thinking. Instagram post.

Pictures of cooking in Antler Room in Kansas City

Foie gras bread in the Antler room.Photo courtesy of Antler Room

Antler Room’s fourth year at KC is based on a spirit of love for its patrons, not by having a party, but by reviving customers’ favorite dishes over the last four years.

Until the end of October, the menu included dishes that were unavailable for months or even years on Nick Gellner’s ever-changing menu. This includes foie gras bread, scallions crepe and jiuqu-hardened duck breast with plum sauce, and praiseworthy. Georgian soup dumplings.. Leslie Gellner also ordered some notable 2016 wine magnums for pouring in a glass.

This is an ideal opportunity for patrons as well as those who may not have had the opportunity to try these great recipes. Because they are unlikely to return soon Please make a reservation While the spot is still open. And happy Annie.

Get: Bronson’s Milk Punch

Among industry insiders Bronson Kistler Long known as one of the most respected bartenders in Kansas City. For the past few years, he has been a fixture at Westport Cafe, offering the types of cocktails that other bartenders are deliberately looking for as much as possible. But lately, like many others in the hospitality industry, he’s making new moves outside the industry.

One of his long-known works at Westport Cafe is his clarified milk punch. This is the most frequently used and versatile beverage as an ingredient in cocktails. Making a clarified milk punch is interesting, but involves coagulating cow milk with an acidic ingredient (usually lime juice) and straining it properly for storage.

This hundreds of years ago, a glossy but not really technology, makes non-coagulated liquids completely transparent and completely storage stable. Apparently, the clarified punch can stay good for years, and Kistler says it can even age well. It’s basically a subtly sweet drink that enhances whatever it’s made of. Until now, I’ve never seen a clarified milk punch that’s available everywhere, mostly as a cocktail ingredient in a fine bar.

Photo featuring Bronson's Milk Punch

Photo courtesy of Bronson’s Milk Punch

Kistler has now made it possible to enjoy this very strange and wonderful drink at home, and there is no need for a home lump. Over the past few months, he has led, created, bottled and distributed new business ventures. Bronson’s milk punch.. Drinks are made using Kistler’s unique recipe with apples, lemons, aromas, aged whiskey, and yeah, milk. None of this should work, but somehow it works for alchemy.

Bronson’s milk punches are now available at dozens of liquor stores throughout the metro. It’s solid in itself, but if you’re more creative than me (Rover), you can use it as a cocktail ingredient.Please check the details and confirm the place of purchase here..

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A big anniversary for one of KC’s best restaurants, plus a milk-based cocktail you’ll actually want to try Source link A big anniversary for one of KC’s best restaurants, plus a milk-based cocktail you’ll actually want to try

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