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Admiral Linda Fagan becomes the first female leader of the U.S. military

Linda Fagan at her nomination hearing to become Commandant of the Coast Guard Photo: Jacklin Martin / AP

Biden is heading to the United States Coast Guard headquarters for a command ceremony change.There he retires the Admiral Carl Schurz Rest assured to the Admiral Linda Fagan As a branch commander.

This is the moment to break the glass ceiling: when Fagan swear this afternoon. She will be the first woman to lead one of the US military.

Fagan is the second commander of the Coast Guard since last summer. She graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 1985. This is only the sixth class that has accepted women.

She steadily moved up the ranks, serving on all seven continents, where she worked as an icebreaker and earned her position as the longest maritime safety officer.

She is also the first woman to hold the rank of 4-star Admiral in the Coast Guard.

“”We are overcoming the “first”. “ Fagan said recently, According to the New York Times.. “Me In the near future, we will discuss the second female commander and the third female commander and hope that there will be a black male commander. “

With this alone: ​​Vice President Kamala Harris Travel to Reno, Nevada to speak at the United States Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting.

Then she travels to Los Angeles, where she attends The 9th Summit in the Americas.

According to Politico, Harris’s Western Tour is part of the government’s new push for the economy to better “tell our achievements” to voters who say their primary concern is inflation. Reno outlines the government’s plans to address rising costs and details the actions the White House has already taken to boost the economy.

Throughout this month, the administration has sent high-ranking officials and secretaries across the country to claim that the president is acting to help the economy.

The aftershocks of New York’s new map continue to echo through the politics of the Empire State.

New York State Assembly member Mondea Jones I told Kevin Frey of NY1 to the councilor Sean Patrick Maloney, Fellow New York Democrats and DCCC chairs have asked to apologize for not giving “head-ups” to Jones, who was planning to do so in Jones’ newly drawn district.

“I don’t want to talk for my friend Mondea Jones, but you can see that he’s focused on his previous occasions and excited. I’m also, and I think it all worked.” @spmaloney I will say it again. # NY10

— Kevin Frey (@KevinFreyTV) May 31, 2022

Maloney, already enthusiastic about dealing with the Democratic Party’s medium-term strategy, has announced that he will run for re-election in New York’s 17th Parliamentary District after his district has been reelected to become more Republican. This caused fierce criticism among progressives, who said that the DCCC chair would jump into the district currently held by black freshmen, who are considered the party’s rising star.

Jones is currently running for New York’s 10th Parliamentary District.

“I could have handled things better, and I tried to be accountable,” Jones called on DCCC to “apologize for not raising my head to me.” After revealing, Maloney told NY1.

In that interview, Jones did not say whether he accepted Maloney’s apology or whether Maloney should continue as DCCC chairman.

In another interview, Maloney tried to make a blunder as a victory for everyone. “I don’t want to talk for my friend Mondea Jones, but you’ll notice that he’s focused on his previous occasions and excited. I’m also, and I think it all worked. “Masu,” he told NY1.

“I don’t want to talk for my friend Mondea Jones, but you can see that he’s focused on his previous occasions and excited. I’m also, and I think it all worked.” @spmaloney I will say it again. # NY10

— Kevin Frey (@KevinFreyTV) May 31, 2022

But … it doesn’t always work. Maloney faces a tough reelection battle in a year when Republicans are favored to rule the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, the Democratic primary in New York’s 10th Parliamentary District is fiercely contested and expanding rapidly.Just today Axios report that Dungold Man, Best known as the chief lawyer for the Democratic Party of Japan during the first impeachment of the former president Donald Trump, I will run for parliament in the 10th parliamentary district of New York.

If Goldman jumps into competition in a very democratic district, he will face JonesAnd the former Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, And New York Congressman Yurain Niou.

A new story from Politico this morning shows the inside of Republican’s coordinated efforts to “target and potentially overturn” voting in democratic constituencies.

The story is based on a video recording of a Republican operative meeting with conservative activists and provides new details about the Republican plan to design a partisan takeover of state and local elections.The strategy is blessed by Republican National Committee It involves setting up party supporters and election conspiracy theorists as voting workers and connecting them with party lawyers.

This is the reporter’s way Heidi Pujibira Explain it:

Plans outlined by Michigan Republican National Committee staff include: Using rules designed to provide political balance among polling place workers, set up party-trained volunteers ready to challenge voters at the Democratic majority polling place increase. Developed a website to connect those workers to local lawyers, Establish a network of party-friendly district lawyers who can intervene to block votes in a particular constituency.

The results can cause confusion in 2022 and 2024.

“This is completely unprecedented. In the history of American elections, political parties will work to build networks at this fine-grained level. ” Nick Peniman, The founder and CEO of Issue One, an election monitoring group, tells Przybyla. “Currently, the Trump army seems to be advancing shortly after the legal system itself. It should be relevant to everyone.”

Read the full report here..

In a new editorial published by the New York Times, Joe Biden It shows the intention of the United States in Ukraine.

In the work, the title What America does and doesn’t do in UkraineBiden also estimated what he sees as the US “goal” in Ukraine, after rushing billions of dollars in weapons and aid, helping the country defeat Russia’s invasion. I did.

America’s goal is straightforward. We hope that the democratic, independent, ruler and prosperous Ukraine has the means to stop and defend against further aggression. Biden writes.

Biden states that the United States will not exert private or public pressure to “concession territory” as part of negotiations to end the conflict. The President of the United States reiterated that the United States will not fight directly in Ukraine or Russia.

“We do not encourage or enable Ukraine to strike across national borders,” he writes. “”I don’t want to prolong the war just to hurt Russia. “

In his essay, Biden confirms that the United States will provide Ukraine with advanced rocket systems and munitions. Our sister blog Deep coverage in Ukraine.

Read the full essay here..

Good morning and welcome wednesday U.S. politics blog.

What we are seeing this morning:

  • both House And that Senate It is during a break. But a group of bipartisan senators, Led by Senator Chris Murphy, Connecticut, Continues discussions as part of efforts to reach An elusive compromise on gun control law In response to the Yuvarde Massacre that killed 17 children and 2 teachers. Senator will hold another virtual meeting today.Talks are central Background checks and so-called “danger signals” law. This allows law enforcement agencies to remove firearms from individuals that the court considers to be a threat to themselves or others. These are not major steps. In fact, most gun control advocates are dissatisfied with the fact that they are rarely at the table, given the extraordinary sacrifice of gun violence.
  • Joe Biden Participate in US Coast Guard command change Ceremony at 11:00 am Linda Fagan He will take over the commander and become the first female services chief in US history.In the second half of Wednesday he In effect, meet with government officials and major infant formula makers Discuss his administration’s efforts to address the shortfall at 2:45 pm.
  • White House Press Secretary, Carine Jean Pierre, I will briefly explain to the reporter at 3:30 pm.

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators wants to compromise gun control laws – Live | U.S. Politics

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