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Substance abuse and behavioral health treatments, as well as solutions to common medical problems, are readily accessible to residents of Beaufort County who cannot go to doctors or hospitals. A well-equipped mobile unit from the local nonprofit Agape Health Services will begin regular visits to the entire rural area of ​​the county in mid-August.

“Beaufort County had a higher mortality rate from overdose than North Carolina as a whole,” said Gwen Williams, Chief Behavioral Health Officer at Agape, which includes deaths in Aurora, Belhaven, and Chocowinity alone in 2019. He added that the issue became national news. 19 people who overdose opioids. “That’s what I’ve spared the idea for this unit,” Williams said. “Because addicts usually don’t publicize about their problems. We realized we needed to go to them.”

According to Williams, the vehicle has more than just substance abuse and behavioral health problems, especially associated with opioid epidemics.

“As the problem of substance abuse increases, the overall health of addicts deteriorates, so we realized the benefits of providing a full menu of medical and behavioral health services.”

The unit includes Spanish-speaking employees.

Agape accepts all medical insurance companies. For uninsured patients, Agape offers a sliding rate scale based on income.

The vehicle is 37 feet long and is mounted on the chassis of a 2021 Ford F-65 truck. It features a reception area, two laboratories, and a pharmacy with a medical-grade refrigerator that includes a supply of COVID-19 vaccine.

“We usually have all the tools provided in the clinic so we can collect information in real time, and with Medipod, which provides live translations of almost all languages ​​and sign languages, providers are agape. Lawrence Dobby, Executive Director of the Center, said: If medical issues require the opinion of a doctor outside the mobile unit, Medipod will staff the staff to the patient’s vital sign. He added that it would be possible to provide live virtual access.

Williams said there was growing excitement among Agape’s staff, especially about the county’s agricultural and fishing communities, their ability to reach children and the elderly. Frequency of city buses.

According to Williams, for locations in Aurora, Belhaven, Brontz Creek, Chocowinity, Pinetown and other Beaufort counties, and in some other counties where residents have similar needs. The rotation schedule is in progress.

“We will provide more services and reach more people. We want to remove all transportation barriers,” Williams said. “If they can’t reach us, we reach them.”

A clinic on wheels: Agape looks to expand its reach – Washington Daily News Source link A clinic on wheels: Agape looks to expand its reach – Washington Daily News

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