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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-08-02 12:13:24 –

There are very emotionally powerful moments at government hearings that are rarely remembered years later. Last week’s hearing of the House Commission investigating a violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6 to overthrow President Joe Biden’s election was full of them.

The testimony of Americans angry to destroy democracy and police officers fighting for their lives was riveted. Republican leaders in the House and Senate have made major political mistakes by refusing to participate in the investigation of the worst domestic terrorist attacks in history. It is foolish to believe that they can pretend that President Trump was not responsible for the rebels he sent to the Capitol. The events of January 6 were so horrifying that Republicans couldn’t cover them or decent Americans couldn’t forget.

Here are some unforgettable moments from the testimony:

Policeman Michael Fanone was dragged into a crowd of attackers. “I heard someone screaming.’I got it!’ When I flocked to a violent mob, they stripped off my badge .. They stripped my badge. They confiscated ammunition fixed to their bodies. They started beating me with what they felt like fists and hard metal objects. I rushed many times and tried to get rid of the firearms with the attacker and face. I heard some of the crowd say, “Get his gun and kill him with his own gun!” .. .. I was electrocuted again and again with Taser. “

Left for the dead

Eventually, Fanone lost consciousness and was separated from the mob by his partner who thought he was dead. According to doctors, he suffered from a heart attack, concussion, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“What makes the struggle more difficult and painful is that many of my fellow citizens, including many who I endanger to save lives, downplay what happened, Or knowing that you’re completely denying it. I feel like I’ve been back and forth in hell to protect them and the people in this room, but now too many people don’t have hell. Or, he says hell wasn’t too bad. The indifference shown to my colleagues is shameful! “

Sgt. Aquilino Gonell immigrated as a child from the Dominican Republic. As a mature citizen, he joined the Army and was dispatched to Iraq. In Iraq, I wasn’t afraid of my life, as it was in the hands of fellow Americans on January 6th. Army veterans and police officers should be executed. “

Friends shepherd

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Police officer Daniel Hodges screamed in pain when he was crushed by a mob into a metal door. “My arms were fixed and virtually useless … I was virtually defenseless. In front of me, a man seized the opportunity for my vulnerability and in front of my gas mask. I grabbed it and used it to hit my head against the door. “

Lies and racism

African-American officer Harry Dunn has been the victim of two consistent characteristics of President Trump, his constant flow of lies and his sneaky racism. Dan faced a riot saying they were invited by Trump to stop the theft because no one voted for Biden. Dan said he tried to keep politics away from the police, “but I replied in this situation.” Well, I voted for Joe Biden. Is my vote not counted? Am I not anyone? It prompted a torrent of racial adjectives. A woman in a pink MAGA shirt shouted. This n *** er voted for Joe Biden! Then a crowd, perhaps about 20 people, screamed and joined. I had never been called a nigger in the uniform of a police officer in the Houses of Parliament. “

Dan was too busy protecting fellow cops to think about racism. He then asked how common racial attacks on black and brown officers were. “I became very emotional and started screaming.” How could such a blank occur? Is this America? I started sobbing. An officer came to comfort me. “

Former House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff told Dan, “Is this America? What did you see?”

“Frankly, I think it’s America,” Dan said. “It shouldn’t be, but I think it should be. I don’t tolerate it. I don’t like the American side. Not all of us here represent the side. We Represents those who believe in the good side of America, in fact dignity, and human dignity. “

President Trump’s presidency is over, but the hatred of the angry masses he has unleashed is not over. Republicans call it “tell it as it is.” Then, on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” Fanone replayed the voicemail he received, giving testimony full of obscene, racist, and homosexual arrogant expressions.

“This happens when people tell the truth in Trump’s America,” Fanone said.

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