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Denver – Lawyer for a 6-year-old girl’s family Who died Because she wasn’t buckling after falling 110 feet at Glenwood Cave Adventure Park Illegal death proceedings Against the park on Wednesday.

Proceedings The park will be open twice in 2018 and 2019, Haunted Mine Drop Ride Moreover 6-year-old Wonger Estifanos was killed Almost dispatched a vehicle when others weren’t buckling, what’s that State investigation turned out to have occurred September 5th, when Estifanos died.

The proceedings were filed in the Denver District Court on Wednesday by Greenwood Village-based lawyer Dan Caprice and other lawyers in his company. Lawyers say Glenwood Cave Adventure Park is responsible for the violent killing of Estifanos “caused by multiple acts that constitute a reckless neglect of the substantive and unjustified risk that an act causes death.” Seeking discovery from.

The proceedings report that the park violated its obligations, causing the death of Estifanos due to “serious negligence” and failing to operate boarding from two different guests in 2018 and 2019. Ignored the email and said it did not provide it to state investigators to properly buckle guests during the ride.

One of those instances Detailed in September accident report From the Oil and Public Security Department of the Ministry of Labor of Colorado released on September 24th.

The report discussed Email Transferred to the department by a Garfield County coroner. In 2019, he received an email from a person who was sitting in his seatbelt and stated that he did not buckle properly because the ride operator was trying to dispatch a ride. Place it under the rider’s feet and drop it over 100 feet onto the mine shaft.

According to the report and the newly filed proceedings, the man told the operator he had not succumbed and insisted that it was the case. Eventually, the operator realized they were wrong and buckled the man.

“During the ride, all I could think of was what would happen if I didn’t insist. [redacted] Would you like to check it again? I didn’t know what the vehicle was. I didn’t know the floor would go down. This could have been a tragedy for everyone, “the email said.

The proceedings state that the man sent a similar email to Glenwood Cave Adventure Park in August 2019. It also details another report made to the park in 2018 about another case where the vehicle was mostly dispatched when no one was buckling.

In that case, according to the lawsuit, the woman sent an email to the park on July 25, 2018, telling her that she had a six-year-old child on board, and that the ride operator did not even buckle on her teenage boy. On board. The proceedings allege that the woman shouted to the operator that the teenager had not succumbed and returned and apologized while tightening the belt.

According to the proceedings, the park’s personnel manager acknowledged the case and sent an email to the woman on the same day, knowing that “this does not allow us to guarantee that all belts are fixed. This is … this can be guaranteed to you Email allows us to retrain and continue to guarantee the maximum safe operation of this vehicle …. Again, let us know this Thank you. We will take necessary measures to improve the safety of our business. “

The proceedings allege that the 2018 and 2019 cases were related to the “same reckless failure” that caused Estifanos’ death.

Investigators in Colorado also ordered the park to make all the complaints made regarding Haunted Minedrop, but the lawyer also received a 2019 complaint citing an email system issue. A call from a person who saw news coverage of an incident that claimed to have not disclosed the 2018 complaints that he claimed to have learned later.

The proceedings alleged that the park violated Estifanos’s obligation to family and others to protect their safety because they knew there was a previous problem that operators did not buckle people properly. doing.

Status report found Estifanos was sitting on two seat belts when the ride was dispatched. It was due to the operator’s mistakes and lack of proper training in manipulating the ride.

The proceedings state that she was in the park that day with her mother, father, two-year-old brother, uncle, aunt, and children. Estifanos, her uncle, his two children, his wife, and another relative went to Haunted Minedrop, and after it was dispatched, his uncle Estifanos took her seat. I noticed that I didn’t.

According to coroners, he saw her “tattered body” -Estifanos died of a blunt trauma and suffered fractures, brain damage, and, according to lawsuits, internal and external injuries-at the bottom of the mine shaft. Says. He tried to approach her, but the ride brought them back to the top of the post, the proceedings said.

Family lawyers sought court accrual of both monetary and non-monetary illegal death damages, costs, post-trial discovery of violent killings on behalf of the park, and pre- and post-judgment interest and costs I am. , And attorney fees.

A spokeswoman for Glenwood Cave Adventure Park did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the proceedings on Wednesday morning.

The Caprice company has filed a lawsuit in which Estifanos’ parents Estifanos Dagne and Rahel Estifanos are “the first step in the battle for complete truth and complete accountability from the amusement park.” The statement was issued.

“They will use this civil lawsuit to force them to disclose the full truth to them,” the company said in a statement. “Their mission is to take full responsibility for everyone responsible for the killing of their daughter and to protect other families by sending a loud and clear message throughout the amusement park industry.”

Denver 7 is expected to talk more with Caplis on Wednesday.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

KMGH’s Blair Miller first reported this story.

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