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It’s mid-January, so you know what that means. The Miami Dolphins have finished football. The other teams are still playing, but the Miami Dolphins-as always-are not one of those teams.

In the 17th week, Dolphins only had to beat Buffalo or lose one of the other three teams to win the spot in the playoffs. Unfortunately, nothing happened to them. For teams that haven’t won the playoffs since 2000 and have only played a few postseasons since Dan Marino retired in 1999, the way dolphins continue to miss the playoffs is comical, if depressing. It has become.

But dolphin fans are used to it. January-July is the famous dolphin dead zone.

For fans who find it painful to cool turkeys, we’ve put together a list of 10 things to do before the game reappears this fall.

Play the general manager of dolphins and kill time at work. Have you ever heard of a simulated draft where others try to predict who’s team to choose in the next NFL draft? And you definitely participated in the fantasy draft.

Now imagine if these two things had a sports baby. That is the Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator. Get ready to lose time in your life at this entertainment black hole on the internet.

This year, the site has added the ability for other teams to offer you deals. It looks real! Do a few things, tweet the screenshots, and within four years, prove that the player has a better rating than the dolphins and tell everyone.

Immerse yourself in Deshaun Watson’s trade rumors. The Miami Dolphins are more than zero likely to trade with Tuatago Viroa this offseason. If I said I would write the sentence two weeks ago, I would have said that I needed a VIP medical marijuana card to go into the back closet. However, things have changed and it is rumored that not only will quarterbacks, which led the league through the season, suddenly become available, but they are also considering forcing them to trade with dolphins.

Can it happen? Do you know. All I know is that money isn’t the number one motivation and I can’t remember the last time a player voluntarily declared his desire to come to a dolphin. Soak it. This may never happen again.

Give junk about the senior bowl. The Senior Bowl was held on January 30th and the Miami Dolphins accepted the task of coaching one of the teams. This is great news, as going to draft is a big advantage whenever a team teaches a game.

Finns fans won’t have much to do in the next eight months, so it’s a good idea to use a Dolphins coach who coaches football on television in late January.

See highlights of the upcoming Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame wide receiver DeVonta Smith. If you watch a national college football championship match on Monday night, you know that Alabama’s wide receiver Devonta Smith is the man. Smith finished the game with 12 catches and 3 touchdowns at 215 yards and was named the game’s aggressive MVP. This is a pretty great game. Smith left the game after his hand was injured in the first play of the second half, especially considering that he did everything in the first half.

Dolphins need weapons for Tua, and terrible. They can never be much better than college graduated DeVonta Smith.

Focus on laughing at the New York Jets for at least a week. What makes everyone feel better about themselves when they miss the playoffs? What’s that, laughing at the New York Jets coaching search and overall operation. Jets offers high comedy this offseason. We know this because this is what they are doing.

Jets needs a new coach and has a second overall draft topic to fail. They probably can’t do as well as when they hired Adam Gace, but we enjoy trying them out.

Stalk Tua Tagovailoa on social media for the latest off-season information. If the dolphin is not going to trade with Deshaun Watson, Tua Tagovailoa is the one who has the plan in his hands. The fate of dolphins depends on whether Tua Tagovailoa looks like an elite like Russell Wilson or a half-hearted quarterback.

Tour has finally entered an off-season without gluing the hips, and this year is not as COVID-restricted as last year. Stalking his social media for clues about how hard he is working to get better is all that Dolphins fans have had for months.

Will the dolphins re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick? The answer to this question — for all of our sanity — should be no. Tour doesn’t have to be seen by Ryan Fitzpatrick over his shoulder again in 2021. He doesn’t need Fitzpatrick to teach him what a quarterback coach, head coach, or other teammate can tell him.

Fitzpatrick almost sacrificed Dolphins Tour in the draft and only undermined the growth of the young quarterback in 2020. See if dolphins continue to make the mistake of keeping Fitzpatrick next season.

Keep a close track of which NFL free agents are available. Dolphins need aggressive weapons, and if everything stays the same, they should be able to afford one or two good players. (See: If you don’t trade for Watson.) This is a handy list of all NFL free agents this summer.

With this. Study it. Make it a part of your life. That’s all we have at this point.

Watch who the dolphins hire as their new attack coordinator. Those hired by dolphins on behalf of Chan Gary can be a bigger move than anyone the team drafts. Fans learned this season after seeing 69-year-old Gary call a play after years of retirement, so even the best players look like junk if the play’s originator is stuck in the past. There is a possibility.

The dolphin isn’t old enough to be Tua’s grandpa and needs to hire someone who knows how to use him in crimes that weren’t invented in the 1940s. See who they bring.

Play your part so that fans can take part in next season’s Dolphins games. The next time the dolphins play a home game in September, the stadium is likely to be full of fans. This only happens if the fan has played his part in wearing a mask and getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

If everyone does what it takes to control this virus bastard, the dolphin game will be back to the public next season. If you wear a mask and ask to get vaccinated too much, you’ll have to buy a bigger TV because you won’t see dolphins playing directly for a long time.

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A Fan’s Guide to the Miami Dolphins 2021 Offseason
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