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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-17 21:03:07 –

A 2-year-old girl in Massachusetts is recovering after being attacked by a raccoon in Arlington’s backyard last week.

Last Wednesday, a toddler was attacked in the backyard of his family’s Fountain Road home. The girl’s mom was able to stop the attack and drive away the animals.

Authorities later captured and euthanized the raccoon.

The girl is expected to be okay, even though police say she has injured her face, hands and arms.

The Bovets say they are grateful to have taken their daughter to the hospital after the attack because the animals tested positive for rabies. Police and health officials in Arlington released test results on Saturday morning.

The girl’s parents immediately took her to the hospital and did not wait for the animal test results. They say it was an important decision to encourage other parents to do it before returning results, as rabies can be fatal if left untreated.

They also say they appreciate the support from their neighbors, such as Trader Joe’s unloading groceries and neighbors bringing food.

“The community is incredible and very heartwarming,” said Joel Bobet, whose daughter was attacked by a raccoon. “I am deeply grateful that people have shown this reaction and I am not fully satisfied with the place we decided to live in.”

Arlington police are telling the townspeople to keep an eye out for other animals that are showing signs of rabies.

“If you see an animal behave strangely, it will foam around your mouth if it looks lethargic, so try to stay away from the animal and contact the police,” said Julie Flaherty, police chief of Arlington.

Arlington’s Ministry of Public Health and Welfare advises people to also vaccinate their pets for rabies. They do not currently believe that the number of cases of rabies is increasing in the town.

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