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Mitchell Kenny, The late Antwon Rose II’s mother announced at a press conference on July 14 that she would implement a new police illegal activity database in Pennsylvania. That’s what Kenny wanted for years when his son was killed by a police officer with a checkered professional background. Attorney General Josh Shapiro on the left and State Assembly member Austin Davis are also depicted.

Rob Taylor Junior
Courier staff writer

Has Michael Rosfeld been fired from the University of Pittsburgh police station? Or did he resign?

In any case, it is clear that Rossfeld was hired as a campus officer in Pitt, but was suspended by college police in December 2017 after arresting three people after a brawl at a bar in Auckland. about it. There was a contradiction between what Rosfeld said happened that night and what the incident surveillance video actually showed.

In an interview with Lynn Hayes Freeland on KDKA Radio (100.1 FM, 1020 AM) on July 15, Austin Davis, a member of the State Assembly, said, “Officer Rosfeld was at the police station before he worked. Obviously it had a pattern of problems. ” “They probably didn’t hire him, and Antowon Rose is still alive today,” said Davis, who said Rothfeld was a state-wide police fraud database three years before he was hired by East Pittsburgh police. It may be. “

Today it is state law. All Pennsylvania police stations should refer to the newly created police fraud database before hiring a police officer. Examples include excessive force, sexual abuse and illegal activity, theft, discrimination and fraud.

The law was signed by Governor Tom Wolf last year and the database officially went live on July 14.
“Police and the community agree that police officers with patterns of illegal activity do not make our community safer,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who fought for the database. “They should not be allowed to move from department to department. Records of fraud must be followed by these officers.”

The East Pittsburgh police station broke up following Rose’s controversial police shooting, which was almost 18 when he was shot down by Rossfeld. It was the first day of Rothfeld’s work. When Rossfeld shot Rose three times on June 19, 2018, Rose left the car pulled by Rossfeld and escaped from Rossfeld.

The fact that checkered police officers were hired by another police station in the past is nothing new in Pennsylvania. Robert Gowans, as white as Rosfeld, shot dead a black man, Romer Tully, while serving as a Wilkinsburg police officer in 2019. Tally’s family and supporters claimed the shooting was unjustified, and Wilkinsburg police said Tally had fired first in response officers. The shootings are still under investigation, but Gowans was able to secure a job as an officer at the Penn Hills police station in May.

It’s unclear if the Penn Hills Police Department knew of the controversy surrounding Gowans when it hired him, but when local community leaders learned of Gowans’ hiring by Penn Hills police, it was a backlash against Penn Hills city leaders. I was connected.

The leaders then fired Gowans.

State Congressman Austin Davis, Photograph of the lecture on the podium on July 14th.

“We are in a number of powerful professions invested in us by the community, and every day you are in a position to help you change your life, save lives and take lives. “We are,” said Scott Schubert, chief police chief of Pittsburgh, at a press conference on July 14, with Michelle, the mother of Shapiro, Davis, Ed Gainey, Sarah Inamorat, and Antowon Rose II. He said in solidarity with Kenny. “It’s something you can’t underestimate, so we need to make sure that there are the right people in those communities.”

Schubert added that the Pittsburgh police definitely “wanted to participate in this.” It’s been late for a long time. Frankly, this should have been done many years ago. No chief is more frustrated than when someone retires before you can end them, and you can’t share information with other police for fear of responsibility. This will bring everything off the table. “

According to Shapiro, the police illegal activity database is not open to the public. However, police stations will be held accountable for the employment decisions they make, especially for police officers who have the proverbial “danger signal” in their records.

“People can trust the people here to protect them,” Shapiro said. “… This is as important as ever, as we are trying to hire more executives now that there are too many departments understaffed. We believe this database will save lives.”

Records of police misconduct in Pennsylvania were labeled “almost closed” in a May Associated Press report examining state records. Records of fraud in 17 additional states were labeled “almost closed,” 16 states “restricted,” and 15 states, including neighboring Ohio, “almost public.”

In Pennsylvania, a Republican-controlled state of the House and Senate, the legislation of the police fraud database was called “breakthrough” by Congressman Gainey.

“Did you believe it five years ago?” He added.

Antoon Rose II

However, after Rose’s death, Congressman Davis said he and his fellow representatives had decided to “fight to change the law” related to state police illicit activity and overall police reform. .. “That activity gave rise to this database. It’s a deposit in a bank of justice, a down payment for a fairer and more just society, and a better police system for all Pennsylvanians,” said Rose. Davis, who grew up in the Montvalley area, said.

Mitchell Kenny, Center, the mother of the late Antwon Rose II, spoke at a press conference on July 14. She has been promoting a state-wide police fraud database for years.

Kenny never asked to rush into the spotlight, never expected her son to be taken away from her by police officers. Seeing Rosfeld’s loss of his son in March 2019 clear all charges, Congressman Gainey praised Kenny’s ability to continue fighting for police reform and accountability.

“Michelle, I don’t know how to do it,” he told her at a press conference. “Mom who lost her son, her activism was steadily discussing with the AG (Attorney General) to make sure this happened … I told Michelle before. Did not fill Antowon, we planted him. “

Kenny categorically stated at a news conference that all police stations in the state would be required to have a database of police misconduct.

“Police chiefs looking at the database for new employees know exactly what they’re getting, which makes a difference to the community,” she said. “If you know that a cop has died in the neighborhood next to you, you no longer have to worry about the cop moving to your neighborhood …. It’s important to me that other family members have this pain. You don’t have to experience it. “

A ‘GROUNDBREAKING MOMENT’: ‘Police Misconduct Database’ now active in Pennsylvania Source link A ‘GROUNDBREAKING MOMENT’: ‘Police Misconduct Database’ now active in Pennsylvania

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