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Jones for a new Java fix?

Now that Corpus Christi’s coffee scene has been booming in recent years, get up and grind it.

All 13 coffee shops are unique in their own way, but sell spins in latte, macchiato, Americano, frappe, cappuccino and espresso. With shops celebrating their 30th anniversary and cafes celebrating their month, these local businesses are passionate about their technology.


5425 South Padre Island Drive

Cafe Calypso is a local coffee shop located on 5425 South Padre Island Drive.

Opened in 1995, Cafe Calypso is one of Corpus Christi’s oldest coffee shops. It comes with a half-price book at Moore Plaza and also sells pastries, bagels, tea and Italian soda.

Buzzzilla is Cafe Calypso's signature drink. Includes additional shots of espresso, half-and-half, milk and vanilla.

Special drink: Buzzzilla

time: Monday to Thursday from 8am to 10pm. Friday from 8am to 11pm. Saturday 9 am-11pm. Sundays are from 10am to 10pm.

contact: 361-993-5282, @thecafecalypso

Coffee mug

1112 Morgan Avenue

Coffee Mugg is a local coffee shop located on 1112 Morgan Avenue.

Espresso Patronum! Inspired by this Harry Potter, the coffee shop sells stickers, magnets, shirts, mugs and other items, as well as drinks and pastries with witch-like names.

Fuego's goblet is a typical coffee mug drink. Contains espresso, white mocha, hazelnuts, cinnamon, cayenne and milk.

Special drink: Fuego Goblet

time: Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

contact: 361-299-5650, @thecoffeemugg_

Coffee wave

5738 South Alameda Street

Coffee Waves is a local coffee shop located on 5738 South Alameda Street.

Don’t confuse Alameda Street Coffee Wave with the two locations of Flower Bluff and Port Aranthus. The name is the same, but the menu and atmosphere are different. This local business allows you to “choose an adventure” while making drinks while offering homemade gelato.

Honey badger is a typical Coffee Waves drink. Contains soy milk, espresso, honey and cinnamon.

Special drink: Honey badger

time: Daily from 7am to 7pm.

contact: 361-986-0481, @coffeewavesalameda

Coffee Wave Flower Bluff / Port Aranthus

10309 South Padre Island Drive, Port Aranthus 1007 State Highway 361

Coffee Waves Flour Bluff / Port Aransas is a local coffee shop located on 10309 South Padre Island Drive and 1007 State Highway 361 in Port Aransas.

With two locations on either side of the coastal bend, this coffee shop has about 12 years of experience in making a cup of jaws. Besides coffee, Coffee Waves Flour Bluff / Port Aransas has a different menu than Alameda’s sisters with panini and rap.

Traditional Macchiato is a specialty drink of Coffee Wave Flower Bluff / Port Aranthus. This is a direct espresso drink, usually with a complex design of sparkling milk.

Special drink: Traditional macchiato

time: Daily at both locations from 7am to 9pm.

contact: 361-353-4586, @coffeewavesflourbluff361-749-0825, @coffeewavesporta

Coral Bean Cafe

7426 South Staples Street

Coral Bean Café is a local coffee shop on 7426 South Staples Street.

The Coral Bean Café on the south side of Corpus Christi is a popular spot to ensure the distinctive process of each beverage, using homemade specialties and homemade ingredients. In addition to baked goods and meals, each staff member’s passion for art is immeasurable.

Ice Vanilla Latte is a special drink from Coral Bean Cafe. Almost all ingredients are homemade to ensure a high quality taste.

Special drink: Ice vanilla latte

time: Daily from 8am to 5pm.

contact: 361-334-0194, @coralbeancafecc


4703 South Alameda Street

Drifted Coffee Company is a local coffee shop located on 4703 South Alameda Street.

Driftwood is not your classic coffee shop, but rather your local roaster and tasting room, which also serves hot coffee drinks. The business supplies coffee beans to other local stores and sells bags to carry-on and paid subscribers.

Pore ​​over coffee is a typical drink of the Driftwood Coffee Company. In the pore-over method, hot water is poured from the coffee grounds of the filter discharged into the mug.

Special drink: Pore ​​over coffee

time: Monday to Thursday 9 am to 3 pm. Friday 9 am-6pm. Saturday from 9am to noon.

contact: 361-500-4065, @driftwoodcoffeeco


3812 South Alameda Street, 1714 South Alameda Street

Hester's Café & Coffee Bar is a local coffee shop located on 3812 South Alameda Street and 1714 South Alameda Street.

Opened in 2006 at Six Point, a historic part of the town since the 1900s, the Hesters have become a staple of Sparkling City by the Sea. The second place, Lamar Park, shares the same menu of coffee drinks, brunch items, pastries and more.

Hester's Latte is a specialty drink from Hester's Café & Coffee Bar. Like all latte, it can be iced or hot.

Special drink: Hester’s latte

time: Monday through Saturday from 8am to 4pm at Lamar Park location. From Monday to Saturday from 7am to 3pm at the Six Point location.

contact: 361-855-1892 (Lamar Park), 361-855-0558 (6 points), @hesters_corpus_christi


14829 South Padre Island Drive

Island Joes Coffee & Gallery is a local coffee shop located on 14829 South Padre Island Drive.

The Island Joes shop on North Padre Island consists of 10 large shipping containers with pet-friendly patios. Founded in 2015, this coffee café is well-known for beach visitors and tourists.

Island Girl is a typical drink at Island Joes Coffee & Gallery. Hot or iced latte with caramel and white chocolate.

Special drink: Island girl

time: Tuesday from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm. From Wednesday to Monday from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm.

contact: 361-867-1276, @islandjoescc

Lucy’s snack bar

312 North Chaparral St.

Lucy's Snackbar is a local coffee shop on 312 North Chaparral Street.

Lucy’s Snackbar opened in downtown Corpus Christi in 2019 and has become a community hotspot. Lucy’s changes the menu every 6-10 weeks to keep the selection from stagnation.

Oat Milk Ice Latte is a specialty drink from Lucy's snack bar. You can add flavored syrup such as vanilla to your drink for even more kicks.

Special drink: Oat milk ice latte

time: Mondays from 7am to 3pm. Tuesday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm. Sundays from 8am to 3pm.

contact: 361-299-5040, @lucyssnackbar

Roast coffee shop

5535 Bonner Drive

Roasted Coffee Shop is a local coffee shop located at 5535 Bonner Drive.

Roast Coffee Shop is a Java cafe that specializes in adding CBD and cannabidiol to beverages. Roasted offers vegan (sometimes gluten-free) pastries and smoking accessories, as well as delicious drinks.

Ewok is a special drink from the roast coffee shop. Contains espresso, honey, cinnamon, vanilla beans and milk.

Special drink: Ewok

time: 8 am to 8 pm daily.

contact: 361-929-3265, @roastedtx

Saigon Civet Cafe

2222 airline road

SaiGon's Civet Cafe is a local coffee shop located on 2222 Airline Road.

Saigon’s main message is to show caffeine lovers the joy of Vietnamese coffee. Brock’s latest kid, this three-week business has a cozy atmosphere while serving family-made Vietnamese food.

Traditional Vietnamese drip Finn is a specialty drink from Saigon's Civet Cafe. Coffee drinks, mixed with condensed milk, can be served hot or on ice. It's best to drink it with tea.

Special drink: Traditional Vietnamese drip, fins

time: Monday to Saturday from 6am to 6pm. Sundays from 8am to 5pm.

contact: 361-462-4568, @vietnamcoffeeroastery

Stinger’s coffee

1304 Airline Road, 7042 South Staples St.

Stingers Coffee is a local coffee shop located on 7042 South Staples Street and 1304 Airline Road.

The family-owned Stingers Coffee has been in Corpus Christi since 2005 and opened its second location in 2018. In addition to cold and hot coffee, Stingers offers a variety of sweet and tasty cooking options on order.

Stinger's Mocha is a typical Stinger's coffee drink. Includes white chocolate and caramel swirls. Served hot, iced, or frozen.

Special drink: Stinger Mocha

time: Monday to Friday from 6am to 9pm. Saturday from 6am to 8pm. Sundays from 7am to 9pm at airline locations. Monday to Saturday from 6am to 9pm. Sundays from 7am to 9pm at Staples location.

contact: 361-986-1133 (airline), 361-826-0154 (staple), @stingerscoffee

Wired Coffee Company

6133 Ennis Joslyn Road

Wired Coffee Company is a local coffee shop located on 6133 Ennis Joslin Road.

Wired Coffee Company is the sister of the Roasted Coffee Shop and is before arriving at Corpus Christi, University of Texas A & M. This business is a great place for islanders to catch up with their homework, form study groups, and relax with a cup of hot coffee.

Teddy Graham is a representative drink of Wired Coffee Company. Contains honey, vanilla, cinnamon, espresso and milk.

Special drink: Teddy Graham

time: 8 am to 8 pm daily.

contact: 361-867-3747, @wiredcoffeecompanytx

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