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Annapolis’ first June 16th festival will include a two-day celebration with a VIP reception and awards ceremony at 6pm on June 18th, 2021 at the Maryland Cultural Conference Center (MC3). The venue is Suite # 4, 3 Park Place, Annapolis, Maryland. A graceful night commemorates the first Juneteenth celebration. Live entertainment including Art Sherod will be featured. Catering foods; community awards given to local and national pioneers aged 13-80. Networking; and African-American art. An event celebrating the rich history of enslaved Africans and commemorating the end of American slavery will resume at noon on Saturday, June 19, 2021. Annapolis City Dock is the starting point for Chapter 2 of Sailing Capital’s historic events.

According to the organizers, more than 60 groups and citizens from the parade will embark on an energetic journey ending at Maryland Hall for Creative Arts at 801 Chase St. Later that day, outdoor main stage entertainment and the June 16th Musical Festival will take place at the Bates Athletic Complex from 2pm to 9pm. This part of the event will take place at 935 Spa Rd.

Talents such as Tyler Perry’s “Young Dylan”, violinist Chelsea Green Project and Kindred the Family Soul will perform and / or perform before the end of the event. After the stage is over, the festival ends with fireworks. All Saturday festivals are generally offered free of charge, ensuring a healthy and safe environment.

Action-packed days are for participants aged 4 to 80. This huge celebration was invented by a famous native anapolitan who grew up in the parole area. 69-year-old Philis “Tee” Adams said he knew nothing about the history of Juneteenth. The idea of ​​the event came to her in a rare dream. Then she learned everything she could do about it.

Adams made a great leap of faith to educate others around her.

“I saw a field with a huge festival.

Three days later I heard Juneteenth. After praying, I started planning the festival over a year ago in the midst of a pandemic, “Adams said.

Adams further explained that no one in Annapolis, and her future generations, wants to miss the legacy of why they are celebrating June 19. The theme of the Annapolis event is “Respect our past and celebrate our future”. This premise is tied to Juneteenth being really everything. According to, the commemoration of African-American freedom can be accompanied by various celebrations. This website reminds us that on June 19, 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, freeing enslaved people and informing them that the Civil War was over. I will. This happened two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation had already abolished slavery. And now, an Elder in Annapolis is responsible for starting a new tradition in the same area where enslaved Africans like Kunta Kinte arrived in bondage.

Adams also said that exploring the stories and struggles of our ancestors, and what they endured through hardship, taught her a lot. The patience to have mustard seed faith and to do everything with the help of Christ is among the other points she pointed out and relearned. Adams has a proven track record of being a visionary person who starts good ideas from scratch. She eventually partnered with Annapolis City, The Westin Hotel, MC3, and Anne Arundel County, and her signature “Ms. T-shirt style.” According to Adams, Anne Arundel County executive Stuart Pittman was Juneteen. Even made Su a paid vacation in the county.

Verne J. Wallace, Treasurer of the Annapolis Juneteenth Planning Commission, said she chose to participate in the Annapolis Juneteenth Celebration because it is desirable to participate in positive milestones.

“I knew that it would be part of a positive event that educates and emphasizes one of the most talked-about events in African-American history,” Wallace said. .. “The most rewarding thing for me is to be able to emphasize my hometown of Annapolis, Maryland. Slave was sold at our dock, and now we are truly free from that same dock. We are marching towards the celebration. “

Visit www.annapolisjuneteenth. An organization that confirms event details and times. Tickets for Friday night can be purchased from the website. The cost is $ 100.00. 5 You need to wear it.

A Historic, Inaugural Juneteenth Celebration is Coming to Annapolis on June 18 and 19 | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper Source link A Historic, Inaugural Juneteenth Celebration is Coming to Annapolis on June 18 and 19 | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

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