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A large area north of Boulder has been evacuated due to a severe Calwood fire – Colorado Sun – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-17 19:10:50 –

The Cal-Wood fire will burn in Boulder County on Saturday, October 17, 2020. (Special to Steve Peterson and Colorado Sun)

BOULDER — The vast areas north and northwest of Boulder were evacuated on Saturday night due to a violent Calwood fire that rapidly flooded the 36th Corridor of the United States south of Lyon from Jamestown.

I saw a big smoke from Denver.I could see the flames rising above the boulder

Among the displaced areas are Jamestown, Altona, some sanitary facilities, Left Hand Canyon and houses along Colorado 7 west of Lions. The area east of the Lagerman Agricultural Reserve has also received an evacuation order.

Jean and Dixon King, who have lived in Jamestown for 46 years, have escaped from the fire. The fire started near the Calwood Education Center around 12:30 pm. They were in a shelter in Boulder.

“We expect this,” said Jean, who recalled escaping another flame in 2003.

Jean uses a wheelchair and Dixon uses a walker. Still, they were able to load their cars with essentials such as medicine, computers, legal documents, and hearing aids before they escaped.

They also brought a 100-year-old clock named Ethel, a picture of his daughter who died in 2005, and two paintings by his family.

By the time their neighbors came to see if they needed help, they were ready to leave.

“We both have a disability, but we did it,” Jean said.

There are no reports of the house being consumed by the fire, but the flames were approaching the northern section of Boulder.

When the Cal-Wood fire burns east towards Boulder on Saturday, October 17, 2020, the flames cross the ridge and culminate. (Lucy Haggard, Colorado Sun)

Carrie Haverfield, a spokesman for the Boulder Emergency Management Agency, said the fire had exceeded 36 in the United States. She said more resources were being devoted to fighting the flames.

According to Huberfield, the fire is moving very fast and authorities are doing everything they can to keep people out of the way.

The fire was caused by strong winds, dry conditions, and warm temperatures on Saturday. Authorities have not stated what caused it to ignite.

The Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center said the fire was “expanding rapidly.” It instructed five large aerial firefighters to fight the flames. RMACC said the house was nearby.

The smoke plume was so dramatic that people in and around Boulder rushed to a vantage point to see it burn.

At the shelters on Iris Avenue and Broadway in Boulder, the number of members of the community providing assistance appeared to outnumber the evacuees.

James Duncan, who has lived in Boulder for 10 years, headed to a shelter to see how he could help.

“It’s not that hard to look over the plume,” Duncan said. “My friend and I drove only a few weeks ago, and we were wondering how beautiful it was and, for many properties, how vulnerable they were. Have this To those who are, my heart is coming out as a traumatic day that will change their lives. ”

However, Boulder County’s emergency management demanded that people stay away.

“Don’t volunteer or donate supplies voluntarily, especially in the boulder shelter,” the agency said on Twitter. Space and order in the area must be maintained for the displaced families. “

The Colorado Department of Transportation also urged drivers to stay away from Boulder and Larimer counties in order to keep roads open for emergency response personnel.

Colorado has endured months of wildfire. The fire at Cameron Peak, west of Fort Collins, is intensifying. This week it became the largest recorded wildfire in the state’s history.

During the summer, wildfires on the western slopes burn hundreds of thousands of acres.

On Thursday, US drought monitors announced that the entire Colorado was in a drought condition for the first time since 2013.


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