A little more remote work can change the rush hour significantly

“The ones I trust most are those who are literally going to book dialysis,” said Stephanie Gidigubi, a member of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s board of directors working on federal policy at the Natural Resources Defense Council.・ Jenkins says. .. “We completely forget who really depends most on our transportation system.”

In Cleveland, transportation stopped downtown rush hour services early in the pandemic and stopped highway bus routes from suburban park-and-ride. However, services continued in areas where authorities believed that more workers, including hospital staff, had direct obligations.

“Are you mind saying that when they leave the bus after working 12 hours to serve the community, they will have to wait almost an hour for the bus to pick them up?” Greater Joel B. Freilich, Head of Service Management at Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, said.

In 2019, the agency plans to improve off-peak services and rolls out this month. The pandemic was further confirmed by officials, Frerich said, an hourly rush hour for someone.

For large regional transportation, these decisions are more complicated.

“Between almost all transportation, politics, and decision-making, the interests of suburban commuters trying to get out of congestion and the great focus on the problem of peak congestion. There is this inevitable conflict. People are trying to move all day, “said Jarrett Walker, a transportation consultant who led the Cleveland change plan.

But in a world where the peak of travel is not so sharp, there are other ways in which everyone’s interests are better aligned. Less crowded streets in the city mean faster bus travel, more space for cyclists, and more humane commuting for those who are still driving.

And what if all this means that some low-income transit riders will shift to driving on less terrible roads anymore?

A little more remote work can change the rush hour significantly

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