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A Long Beach driver accused of manslaughter after beating his family and accused him of speeding up and beating others – Press Telegram – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-01-13 21:21:29 –

Faced with murder and vehicle slaughter on charges of drunk driving and running over a beloved family of three on Long Beach, a 21-year-old man speeds up over 70 mph and attacks others. Witnesses testified on Wednesday, January 13th.

A woman, perhaps not fully identified by the court because of her age, saw a speed-violating SUV allegedly driven by Carlo Adrian Navarro in Long Beach, hit a barrel on the sidewalk, and beat her family. The other four just before 10 pm on October 31, 2019, who said they had attacked and went in her direction.

“My friend pulled me back and I pulled my sister,” she said in the High Court of the Long Beach Courthouse.

However, the SUV had a fatal blow to 30-year-old Joseph Wajda, his wife, 32-year-old Reihandakil, and 3-year-old son Omar Awaida on their way home from their relatives.

Investigators said Navarro lost control of the SUV while turning at Country Club Drive and Los Serito Spark Place. The SUV went to the curb before attacking the family.

Prosecutors began presenting some evidence against Navarro at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday. Judges are expected to determine on Thursday whether Navarro has sufficient presence to bring him to justice on any or all charges.

Long Beach police officer Anthony Hem said at a hearing that his parents were found on the road in front of the SUV at Los Serito Spark Place and the boy was found under a parked car on the south side of the street. ..

Joseph Awaida died on the night of the crash, and Dakir and Omar died in the hospital a few days later.

Witnesses said she was hanging out with a group of friends after a trick or treat. When the crash occurred, most were waiting for their parents to welcome them.

She then saw the driver step off the SUV, put his hand on his head and roam back and forth, and let his friend sit on the curb until the police arrived, she said. She identified Navarro as a driver and estimated that he was traveling at 70-80 mph when he tried to navigate the turn.

According to court documents, Navarro later told the police officer he was driving that he was drunk and hit someone. According to the document, he planned to take four or five shots of Jack Daniel’s before driving to the park, where he would continue to drink with his friends.

According to Joseph’s aunt Cecilia Ramos, Awaidas was only 100 steps from the front door when attacked. Joseph Awaida worked in a family car store and Dakir was a social worker.

Three other members of the Long Beach police, including one other witness and a criminologist, also testified Wednesday.

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