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This is not a hot take weekend. The Eagles 2022 Rookie Class will be held at the Novacare Complex to delve deeper into the organization’s way of life. This involves maximizing classroom time, from condensed playbooks to practice areas (no pads, no contacts), working in a team environment, and learning names.

Players who joined the Eagles through the NFL Draft or post-draft period last week in just a few days will learn a part of their life as Philadelphia Eagles. And everything comes to them fast, fast, fast.

“It’s exciting and a little whirlwind. Meet everyone, see new faces, see familiar faces and learn everyone’s names,” said Cam Jurgens in the second round of the Draft Election Center. .. “You got your playbook, you bring it all to you at once, and it’s fun and exciting.

“I’m glad I came here”

They are all here for a reason, including a few players attending on a tryout basis. Currently, the NFL team has only 90 roster spots. The reason these players are here is because the Eagles are looking at something in them. Every moment is important. Every person on the field means something.

A total of 42 players participated in the practice bubble on Friday (Philadelphia’s rain is expected to be heavy throughout the weekend) and practiced wearing helmets, shells and shorts. The energy was great, the tempo was fast, and the mood was an extended teaching session mood. Because, in effect, that was it. For example, tight-end coach Jason Michael has freed up two players. .. Michael worked with both players on line of scrimmage line stance (2 or 3 points), footwork, and nuances on the route. Coaches coach because they love to educate and that’s the purpose of this weekend.

The player knows that. They are not here to change the world in two days in the practice field and in the classroom. They are here to improve the game.

“It’s been good so far. It was really good to be playing football on the first day,” Calcatera said. “There’s a lot of information thrown at us and everything, but I’m doing my best to get better every day. Just because I have a lot of information, at the Rookie Mini Camp (in the playbook). I got a pretty condensed version. I did a walkthrough a while ago and it’s very cool. I like to learn it because the tight end is used in offenses and I like to do different things. Is exciting. “

In the process, coaching staff have the first real chance to learn more about the player and his personality. This is more realistic and raw, as much of the pre-draft time spent with prospects is scripted. Jordan Davis, the first draft topic defensive tackle, was eager to relax and ride in the field when he met the media and opened the day hoping for a happy Mother’s Day for all the mothers there. The second round selection center Cam Jurgens, which has one of the most developed and solid bodies the rookie has ever had here, has his personality and a family of tornadoes landing near Nebraska’s house. There was dignity in the story of how they were sent, and they were put into an underground shelter, except for their grandmother, just as Jurgens was drafted last Friday night.

was fun. It was soccer. It was a group of young aspirants who set out to realize their lifelong dreams.

“I’ve been crazy for the last few days. I’m used to people, buildings, and staff, and I’m moving around a lot,” Davis said. “We are on our way. We are on our way. Getting used to planning, culture and people. It’s really just a learning experience and everyone else (experienced). Just taste a little before it comes back. Before you really grind it. “

bonding. You are connected. learn. teach.

This week and the rest of the off-season are all closely related before the team breaks in June. A step-by-step process is underway as coaching staff and affairs departments see newcomers and see how they treat their business.

“It’s been a dream since I was a kid,” said Nacobe Dean, a third-round pickline backer, on Thursday when the rookie arrived. “We are now professionals and expectations are high because this is our job. I am ready for it and take responsibility for taking care of the business and move on. I’m really excited about it. “

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