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A love for food: For chef Sidney Singleton, the perfect meal should have diners doing a happy dance | Food/Restaurants – New Orleans, Louisiana

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The Sydney Singleton was introduced to the art of cooking by his uncle, the Chef of New Orleans.

It didn’t take long for him to know that dealing with food was what he wanted to do in his life.

He is currently the Head Chef of Singleton Catering in Prairie Building and is owned and CEO by his wife Ashley. The company provides delivery and services in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the surrounding area.

The couple are particularly busy during this time, but Sydney Singleton has made time to talk about his life as a chef and ideas for the perfect meal. (It’s not about the contents of the plate, but about the reaction of the diner.)

Becoming a chef is a singleton dream come true, but there’s another job coming soon. Read on to find out what it is.

Po’boys are packed with hand-carved, slowly roasted turkey breast and cornbread dressings. And crayfish. And homemade gravy. And cranberries-s …

Please tell us a little about your background.

It all started in 2002. I just graduated from the army at the age of 28 and my uncle, a big New Orleans chef, invited me to work in his restaurant with him. (His uncle is Cedric Singleton, owner of Creole’s soul food restaurant The Real Pie Man.) While working with my uncle, I learned all the ways of cooking art and skills. Cooking is my natural talent, and when I realized that people really enjoyed my cooking, I knew I needed to be a chef.

What is your duty as a singleton catering chef?

I prepare and cook all meals in a timely manner. I manage food costing and inventory. I will ensure that I comply with applicable health laws and regulations.

What is your morning routine before you go to work?

I definitely have to drink a cup of coffee before starting the day.

What is your description of the perfect diet?

A perfect meal is one in which you dance happily at your seat and beg more. smile.

What is the kitchen tool you rely on most?

My knife always demands respect.

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What do you jump on?

I love to enjoy intimate vacations with my wife and fun family trips with my son.

Are you a movie fan? What do you think of the Hollywood chef’s portrayal?

My favorite movie is called “Chef” and starring Jon Favreau. This movie illustrates the ups and downs of being a top-notch chef myself.

What is your classic chef uniform?

I usually wear chef’s trousers, short-sleeved button-ups, a fitted chef’s hat, and comfortable shoes that fully support the arch.

Are you listening to music in the kitchen? If so, what is your favorite kind of music?

surely! I listen to all genres of music, but it depends on the menu, time of day and time of year.

Do one thing and be the best with it.

What is the most proud dish you have made? Why?

Currently, I am most proud of the exotic broccoli salad. It’s a big hit on our menu. My intriguing wife named the salad, and the customer says he owns the name in every way he can imagine. Closing it with my special salad dressing is definitely an unforgettable experience in your taste buds.

Please tell us about the biggest disaster in the kitchen.

I forgot to set the timer, so I once burned the whole fish pot.

And finally, I know you like to be a chef, but what would you do if you weren’t a chef?

I love being a chef, but if I could do anything else, I would be a yacht pilot so I could travel around the world.

A love for food: For chef Sidney Singleton, the perfect meal should have diners doing a happy dance | Food/Restaurants Source link A love for food: For chef Sidney Singleton, the perfect meal should have diners doing a happy dance | Food/Restaurants

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