A man accused of burning a hay bale display at “USA Biden Harris 2020” held without bail – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2020-10-17 16:12:30 –

Dalton, Massachusetts (WWLP) -Judge is a Massachusetts man accused of burning a display of hay bales in support of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign without bail under state danger law. Commanded to.

The Berkshire district law firm said it had successfully claimed that the actions of 49-year-old Ronnie Duffy endangered the masses. “Our number one job is to protect the masses. This ruling prevents dangerous persons from further harming members of our community.”

Dalton’s Holiday Brook Farm has created an exhibition of hay bales, writing “USA Biden Harris 2020”. The display is located along Route 9 and allows cars to pass by.

Police officers later arrested Duffy, determining that the bales were intentionally fired on October 9. He was charged with burning his personal belongings.

“Judge Smith is grateful for the careful consideration of the facts we presented in making his decision. Mr. Durphy’s record is a powerful indicator of his potential lethality. It shows that it is engaged in a pattern of domestic violence, including strangulation, “said district attorney Andrea Harrington. “Mr. Durphy’s recent allegations of arson are of particular concern in the light of his violent history, as he is escalating hostility to the general public.”

After that, the display was replaced.

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