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A man arrested after a few hours of standoffs in Colorado City – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-24 18:10:29 –

Pueblo County-According to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, 33-year-old Dustin Turner was arrested early this morning after a tense time conflict with SWAT members of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office after responding to his Colorado City home. it was done. He stabbed his girlfriend and refused to let her out of the house.

SWAT members rescued a 39-year-old woman who was slightly injured in the incident.
She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. No one else was injured in this incident.

Around 8 pm on Friday, lawmakers were sent to their home in 2800 blocks of the Applewood Court.
After the woman called for a report, she received a text from a friend stinging
Her boyfriend and he refused to let her out of the house.

Sheriff detectives knew that a suspect identified as Turner had committed two felony charges.
He refused a warrant related to past domestic violence with the victim
Repeat to entrust yourself to those warrants.Detective obtained for an investigation warrant
Enter the dwelling to arrest Turner in Warrant.

The detective contacted Turner by phone and tried to obtain information about the victim’s condition.they
The victim was still in the dwelling with Turner and learned that she was injured,
The extent of the injury was unknown.The detective tried to leave himself to Turner, but he

Sheriff SWAT members and negotiators have been called on to surrender Turner
Peacefully. Turner told negotiators that he wasn’t going to leave and was barricading.
House.He turns on the gas in the house and if law enforcement comes near the dwelling
He was about to blow up the neighborhood.

An emergency alert message was sent by phone to the neighbors
Ask the incident and them to stay in their home.Residents of two nearby houses
Evacuated from safety concerns.All residents have returned home safely
Due to Turner’s threat, SWAT members cut off gas to the suspect’s home.
909 Court Street • Pueblo 81003, Colorado • Email Law Enforcement Agency 719.583.6125 • Detention 719.583.6135 • Emergency Services 719.583.6200.

The negotiator keeps talking to Turner, talking to the victim, and she
I was injured, but I could not confirm the seriousness of the injury.

SWAT members learned where the victims are in the house and after some planning
I rescued her safely by taking her through the torn window.

After that, negotiators and SWAT members continued their efforts to surrender Turner, but h
I repeatedly rejected orders to do so. At some point, Turner threw a large knife through the window.
SWAT members, they are slightly missing.

After a few hours of negotiations, SWAT members learned where Turner was in the house and
He developed SWAT tactics and forced him to leave his home. Turner was immediately arrested and

Turner has one assault against a peace officer (felony 3), two assaults three counts (felony 4), intimidation two counts (felony 5), false imprisonment (felony 6), and criminal mischief (felony 6). I was arrested for a felony 6). , Domestic violence, intimidation, telephone interference. He was imprisoned in Pueblo County Prison.

“It was very clear that this suspect would not surrender peacefully,” said Pueblo County.
Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor. “I commend all lawmakers involved in this highly volatile situation.
For their patience, planning, and thoughtful execution that led to successful rescue
Victims and anxieties of this very dangerous individual. “

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