A man arrested on suspicion of sending a text message to Nancy Pelosi about “putting a bullet”

The FBI said it had arrested a Georgian man in Washington, DC and said he was thinking of assassinating Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The arrest took place the night after the attack on the US Capitol.

CBS News has learned that authorities consider the suspect to be mentally unstable.

WGCL-TV, an affiliate of CBS Atlanta, was inspired by the day after the attack that Cleveland Glover Meredith Jr. sent a text message saying, “I’m thinking of going to Pelosi’s speech and putting in a bullet.” I got the court document that states. Her nogin on live TV. “

In another text message quoted in the document, Meredith discusses the possibility of driving his truck onto the lawn of the Capitol and trying to turn Pelosi over.

He also predicted that “many of our countries would die” within 12 days.

According to the document, the agent learned that he was staying at DC Holiday Inn and asked him there the night after the Capitol attack. He gave the agent permission to search for rooms, his trucks, trailers, and cell phones.

According to the document, they found pistols, assault rifles, and “hundreds” of ammunition.

Meredith told the agent that he intended to attend a rally at the Houses of Parliament, but arrived too late in Washington, DC due to a car problem.

The FBI has sought charges of threatening to kill Pelosi and his illegal gun possession.

According to the WGCL, Meredith owned a car wash machine in Acworth, Georgia. Station says he sometimes promotes the conspiracy group Kanon while he promotes his business and sends him tweets to Antifa.

He sold his business in September 2019 and now has nothing to do with it, but it didn’t discourage the angry masses from hunting down new owners.

“Even customers are constantly receiving indignant calls, which means they’re from outside the state. Our reputation has plummeted,” Jason Mathison told WCGL. ..

Jason said he’s seeking help from Google to combat negative reviews that could have a devastating impact on his business.

Police in Hiawassee, Georgia have told WGCL that Meredith moved to the area in December 2019 and was contacted by Meredith’s parents who were concerned about posting and acting on social media.

High Awashy Police Chief Paul Smith also said Meredith participated in the BLM demonstration on June 5, 2020. In the demonstration, he left the car with a rifle. He soon approached the undercover investigator and was watching him until he left.

Police told WGCL that Meredith had moved to Clay County, North Carolina in September 2020.

A man arrested on suspicion of sending a text message to Nancy Pelosi about “putting a bullet”

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