A man arrested on suspicion of threatening to kidnap Mayor Wichita on a Maskman date

According to police, a man was arrested on suspicion of threatening Wichita mayor Brandon Whipple. Whipple told CBS Wichita affiliate KWCH that the suspect was upset by the Maskman date in Kansas.

“In my understanding, some people were angry with the policies associated with stopping the COVID epidemic and contacted others looking for my address with the intention of doing harm,” Whipple said. He told KWCH.

Wichita police said in a news release that Wichita’s Meredith Dauty, 59, had been arrested on charges of criminal intimidation.

Whipple told KWCH from what he had collected in the text messages he read that the suspect was interested in trying to kidnap him and harm him with a knife.

According to Wichitaigle, Douty is a retired firefighter who was commended by the Wichita City Council in 2008 for saving the lives of police officers shot. According to the dissertation, he also plays locally as a musician.

Whipple enacted the City Mask Ordinance in July. Since then, according to Wichita Eagle, he has been the target of local mask prevention activists. The newspaper reported that about 120 people spoke at the city council in September for about seven hours, mainly against the ordinance.

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