A Mass. man got a get-well card after heart surgery. Inside was a $1 million-winning scratch ticket. – Boston, Massachusetts

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“I was calm and a little unbelievable.”

According to the lottery, Alexander McClesh of Atlbara won a $ 1 million prize in an instant ticket for the Massachusetts lottery after undergoing cardiotomy earlier this month. Massachusetts Lottery

Alexander McCreeche from Massachusetts had a lot to thank for Thanksgiving.

MacLeish, 62, was recovering from an open heart surgery performed in early November. He received an instantly energizing card by mail from a friend of over 50 years, along with a lottery ticket in an envelope wrapped in yellow foam.

I started scratching a “$ 5,000,000 100X Cashword” ticket for a Massachusetts lottery in Attleboro, Massachusetts, where one of my sons is by my side. What he saw next made him tremble, and he sent a text message to his friends and his brothers to tell them that the ticket was ghostly.

The letter it revealed: AWM, his initials.

He kept collecting the words on the ticket that looked like a crossword puzzle. The word in the bottom line read “heart” — and clenched him with a million dollar prize.

“I was calm and a little unbelievable,” he said. “I made sure I was breathing through my nose and mouth. I didn’t want to test my mind too much.”

MacLeish shared the news with friends and family, but the state lottery headquarters Holiday.. Instead, they delved into a healthy Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings to celebrate.

Currently, the Coca-Cola sales merchandiser is focusing on his recovery — there is some additional cash to launch.

“Everything is going in the right direction,” he told The Washington Post.

The spectacular victory is even more amazing given the almost insurmountable odds he faced in winning tickets for prizes. The coveted jackpots such as Powerball and Mega Millions have jackpot odds of 1 in 292.2 million and 1 in 302.6 million, respectively. Lottery USA.. According to MacLeish, he had a one in 10-80 million chance of winning his award. Massachusetts Lottery, Announced victory. The $ 5 million ticket comes with odds of 1 in 5.04 million. One of those tickets has not been charged yet.

MacLeish had some (even small) lottery luck in the past. He previously earned $ 500 and pocketed $ 1,000 two years ago when the same friend he didn’t identify sent him a lottery ticket as a birthday present. In addition to the unusual story, he said the ticket was bought at the same Quickeez Beer, Wine and Convenience in Carver, Massachusetts, as well as a million-dollar win.

“He goes,’I went back to the same store where I bought the $ 1,000 winner,'” MacLeish recalled. “He goes,” I didn’t even go to the store unless I wanted to buy you a ticket. “”

According to the Massachusetts Lottery, the store will receive a $ 10,000 bonus on the sale of winning tickets.

Prize tickets were stored in the station drawer before MacLeish collected the prizes by car in Dorchester, Massachusetts the next day.

“That wasn’t really what you could do. It was Thanksgiving Day,” he said.

He and his family enjoyed Thanksgiving meals such as turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. He said he had to be more strict about what he could eat this year, making sure that no salt was added because of his mind.

MacLeish said he intends to give the friend who bought the ticket a “little” prize, in addition to his two adult sons, just as he did. He offered to buy a new car for his wife, but she refused, he said. Except for paying off some invoices, MacLeish said he hadn’t made many other plans with his new wealth.

He said he chose a lump sum of $ 650,000 excluding tax, based on his age and current health.

He said he would probably return when the doctor puts him away for work.

For now, he is focused on recovery.

“Everything is going well,” he said.

A Mass. man got a get-well card after heart surgery. Inside was a $1 million-winning scratch ticket. Source link A Mass. man got a get-well card after heart surgery. Inside was a $1 million-winning scratch ticket.

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