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Today is a heartwarming mystery featuring corpse dogs, about British veterans returning to where they were stationed during World War II, and an informed guide for their next trip to northern Minnesota. there is.

“Keepers” Jeffrey B. Burton (Minotaur Books, $ 26.99)

One of the most interesting mystery series launched last year is Jeffrey Burton’s “The Finders” in St. Paulite, where Chicago-based Mason “Mace” Reed has a corpse dog trained to find a corpse. A modest man. The herd of reeds, which he considers to be his “children,” includes the extraordinarily powerful Golden Retriever Elvira (Vila). “The Finders” received widespread acclaim, including starred reviews from Booklist and Library Journal.

Now Reed returns to the “Keepers” and begins with Reed and his dog calling the park at 3 am looking for the body. What Reed heard during the investigation puts him in the midst of deadly political / gang corruption helped by a cold-blooded murderer collecting idioms. This interesting character is very big and Reed Thinks of him as “Paul Bunyan’s film noir version.” Kippy is back too. She should have been a detective because she was smart and smart, but a jealous male detective prevented her from being promoted.

Reed, who regrets the divorce, is drawn to Kippy and regains his emotions. They agreed with the “just friends” route, but Reed believes his feelings towards the cute cop can’t be ignored forever. Both worship Reed’s dog, and Sue is a dignified male German shepherd who has recovered from the attack of the previous work. Collie’s sisters on two farms. A stupid puppy who hasn’t started training and spends his days stinking. And its ability is beyond the sense of smell. Reed doesn’t know how to do that, but she seems to be able to smell evil from human DNA.

Reed and Kippy are trapped by the bad guys and forced to flee to a hut in the woods. But the corrupt police secretary told his giant executor, “… it’s time for you to catch a dog man.” (This is not a spoiler. We know early on who wants to kill Reed and his dog.)

Jeffrey Burton lives in St. Paul with his wife and two dogs. “The name of the black Pomeranian is Louise, and the happy herd of beagles is Milo.” (Cindy Archer-Burton)

With a heartbreaking ending, Reed’s “children” unite and show fierce courage and loyalty to risk their lives and protect their masters.

Burton grew up in St. Paul and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. His agent Drew Caddy’s mystery series of novels includes “Chessman” and “Eurogist.”

In a crowded mystery field, Burton has created a special place that combines a brave dog, a likable hero trying to avoid trouble, and lots of action. If you like dogs, I hope this series continues. Can Reed and Kippy be tied? Will Reed’s “children” continue to sniff out the bad guys, and will the mysterious power of the villa continue to amaze people?

“Stab wound of love” Janet Glover (Wise, Inc., $ 18)

Near the end of his life, James Alexander Drummond asks his daughter, Georgina, to accompany Trieste, Italy, who was stationed as a British captain during World War II. Georgina, who loves her father, agrees because she has a problem with her marriage.

The story moves between the current experience of James and his daughter and the encounter with the woman who changed his life in Trieste during the war. Giorgina wonders who the boy in the photo his father has? And why does he keep the reason for his later trip secret? When James was hospitalized during the trip, Georgina himself I have to reveal my father’s secret.

Gleyber, the winner of the McKnight Artist Fellowship in Children’s Literature, will make her adult debut with the Sting of Love. Her work takes her to Italy and Slovenia, where she does a great job of recreating that part of the world during the war and today. This novel is relevant and the author has an on-the-spot dialogue. As I write, her book is 346 pages long, so readers may want to move the plot a little faster. A subplot about the secrets of Georgina’s life and her relationship with her daughter goes out of focus from her father’s story.

“100 Things to Do in Minnesota Northwoods Before You Die” Julie Joe Larson (Reedy Press, $ 17)

COVID restrictions have been relaxed and everyone is ready to leave-well, somewhere. If you can’t afford to fly to Mexico or Europe, where Julie Larson should visit if heading north I will introduce all of them.

The author, who admitted to being dromomania, left his home in the countryside of Brainerd and “crossed Minnesota Northwood in search of history, fun and flavorful drinks” of her “miscellaneous woman” called Ms Storians. Explore with the “crew”.

This handy paperback is divided into topics such as food and drink, music and entertainment, sports and recreation, culture and history, shopping and fashion. We will introduce recommended itineraries and activities for each season.

Did you know the jams and jellies of the Butkievich family farm near the kettle river? Everyone has heard of Betty’s Pies in Two Harbours, but there are wineries in Ratsen, Alexandria, Laporte and Brenard. Did you know? Would you like to observe a hawk at the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth? How about a wild rice demonstration at the Milllux Indian Museum?

Larson includes phone numbers and web addresses for all venues, so you can see what’s open in recent times when COVID limits are shifting.

There are many travel guides in Minnesota, but if you’re heading to the I-35 on the weekends, you’ll need this little gem that’s easy to use.

Challenge this “Kitakami” quiz

To stimulate your desire to “go north,” see if you can answer these five questions raised by Larson.

  1. What is the most visited historic mansion in Minnesota?
  2. What is the “lost 40” of the 17.4 million acres of forest in Minnesota?
  3. Which city was named one of the smartest and most livable cities in 2018 by Outdoor Magazine?
  4. When dining at the Palmer House Hotel & Restaurant in the Soak Center, which is the writer’s famous street just off the table?
  5. Name the longest ship on the Great Lakes.

answer: 1: Glen scene in Duluth. 2: The 1882 survey error is attributed to the Lost 40 Scientific Natural Region near Nosome. The area has a trail loop that allows visitors to pass through the white and red pine trees that are more than 230 years old. 3: Crosby, Minnesota. 4: Sinclair Lewis’s main street. 5: Paul R. Tregurta at an altitude of 1,013.5 feet can be seen from the deck outside the Lake Superior Marine Museum in Duluth. Visitors can hear her “talk” at the Aerial Bridge.

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