A national search where the mother of San Jose boy John “Little Zion” Doe was found dead near Las Vegas

Authorities identified the body found 10 days ago near a highway outside Las Vegas as the body of a missing boy in San Jose, California. His mother has been wanted for murder and her search is being conducted nationwide. CBS San Francisco Report..

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced on Monday that it had identified the body as the body of seven-year-old Liam Hasted, who was last seen traveling by car with his mother Samantha Moreno Rodriguez.

The boy became known as John “Little Zion” Doe.

Las Vegas police confirmed their identities in collaboration with San Jose police over the weekend, Metro Police Lieutenant Raymond Spencer said at a press conference on Monday.

“In the last 10 days, we have invested a tremendous amount of resources,” says Spencer. “Detectives have looked into hundreds of clues to identify the victim …. Looking at these pictures, it is possible that the missing case working in San Jose was related to our murder. I was convinced that it was very expensive. Investigation. “

Rodriguez left San Jose with his son on May 24, first traveling to Southern California and then to Nevada, Spencer said.

“We can place them in the area of ​​Laguna Beach on the afternoon of May 26,” Spencer said. “That afternoon we learned that the car was in the area of ​​Victorville, California.”

On May 28, hikers found the boy’s body near State Highway 160 near Mountain Springs, just west of Las Vegas. Investigators believe his body was recently placed there and was the victim of a murder.

Investigators were informed that they had seen news reports that the boy’s body was found in the desert from a family friend who had not seen Rodriguez or her son for a while.

Samantha Moreno Rodriguez in dateless photos

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police / CBS San Francisco

Police said they had sent an investigator to San Jose to collect Liam’s clothing and pillows and use them to identify his body from DNA.

Investigators have found Rodriguez continuing to move in the same car, Spencer said.

On May 29, he said, “I discovered that the car was driving on an I-70 near Grand Junction, Colorado.” “Someone last met Samantha on May 31 when she checked in alone in a hotel room in the Denver district.”

A national arrest warrant was issued to Rodriguez. Police are looking for her car, a dark blue 2008 Dodge Caliber hatchback on the California license plate 6WLH211.

Police are asking anyone with additional information about Rodriguez to come forward.

Liam’s father was not considered a suspect in the murder. Police contacted him because he had not been contacted by Rodriguez or Liam, adding that he did not believe the boy was at risk.

A woman identified as Shirley Rogers said on a Facebook page dedicated to Liam that a seven-year-old girl needs special help.

A national search where the mother of San Jose boy John “Little Zion” Doe was found dead near Las Vegas

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