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July 2019, Global Education and International Student Service CenterNS Together we established the Global Engagement Center. Global Education Center Structured as NS study abroad The unit that sent American student overseas When International student service It included recruitment, admission, and overall support for international students to ensure a positive TU experience.

th goalteeth The merger Strengthen the relationship between international and domestic students for success during and after college. Ashli ​​Boxley, Current student, Jane brackets, Vice President of Global Education, And Kimberly Henderson, Senior Director of Student Services for Global Engagement, Talk to the mission of the newly created department.

Direct experience

BoxleyJourney Cultural exploration I started When she was in 6th grade It has started Study Chinese.. so TU, Boxley Majored in Sinology and already Study abroad in China herehe sharpened Her language skills When experienceNS Culture directly.

I lived in Tulsa for the rest of my life baudxley Has acquired various international perspectives Through her study abroad and meeting people at the Global Education Center..She says the exposure was great and eye-catching– –opening. “”Cultural isolation — — I don’t know what’s happening in other countries — — Annoy me. I was worried that I wasn’t doing anything. NShe advantage The world is not free, so consciousness Your home country“Boxley said.

Ashli ​​Boxley in China

last year, Boxley Worked study position When What was after that Known as International student service.in the meantime, she saw International student application process When Also became To Global Education Center Global scalar.. NSThroughThese experiences, Boxley She learned about the problem I didn’t notice before.. If global issues don’t directly affect anyone, Boxley says. it’s simple Remain unInformed about their causes and effects.. “Cooperation with international students Gave me the opportunity to meet individuals from different countries listen Their point of view.I love listening to what they have to say and the questions they ask me My Culture, “said Boxley. Boxley discovered that mAll students — Both international and domestic — You need a push to leave their cultural bubble, But when they do, find a deep friendship.

Boxley is currently working at the Center for Global EngaGement as peer adviceeNS. she, Both student group Will Change with office together Under one roof. “It makes sense to me that they merged last year as both the Global Education Center and International Student Services helped me gain a global perspective... I’m excited possibility“Boxley said.

A united team

NS Rethink Focus of Center for EEngagement Get involved more effectively Domestic and international students. “it’s been wonderful To see the staff from Beforely Separate arms gather and cooperate, Let’s learn about each other’s work. ” brackets Said.

Ashli ​​Boxley Expedition

2017 Global Education Center hold RoundTable discussion with students, faculty and staff about what the faculty is There is a possibility of improvement. Each conversation When Various stakeholders clearly desire NS gain engagement With International student population.. “”We is taking this opportunity to find more ways to help international students and interact with students in the country and the entire campus community, “says Henderson.

Center for Global Engagement is working create program that Facilitates the relationship between the two groups. One initiative is poffer NS Space for Students practicing English outside the classroom When International students and domestic students interact, and even more Arrange visitfrom s each other’s House.. EIn essence, The mission is Cultivate Network and friendship. “frequentTimes, Has a reputation The study abroad is insubstantial experience, NSThere is a real cultural complexity associated with studying abroad.. NSRegular conversations with international students are a great opportunity to learn About a larger global society, ” brackets Said.

Ashri Boxley in the Desert

NShe New arrival Partnership Also Find an innovative way of working With faculties and other offices and departments Whole campus include Student Success Center, NSEan NSstudent, NSExpulsion, Student Academic Success Center and English Institute to help students succeed and retain. NS NSEnter is learning how this is Visa immigration and other factors initiatives support the admissions office and vice versa. NS Team too teeth Cooperation with Student Success Center‘NS Advocating financial coach for Study abroad and make it affordable for all students. “This cross– –Pollination of advocacy and cooperation each other Promoting student success is the spirit of what we do at the Center for Global Engagement and throughout the campus. ” brackets Said.

Global E CenterThere is ngagement Located on the 2nd floor of Allenchapman Student Union.. NSStudents are welcome to drop in Or contact us globalengagement@utulsa.edu I had any questions..

A new and improved CGE – The University of Tulsa Source link A new and improved CGE – The University of Tulsa

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