A new version of Essexman is born in the north

VIZ, idiosyncratic constitution The combination of adult comics and satirical magazines has been a must-read for all civilized families since Chris Donald began producing in Newcastle’s parents’ bedroom in 1979. It features a character that goes to the heart of modern Britain: Millie Tanto, an angry feminist. Sid, a sexist who gives Millie a lot of yelling. Roger Mary, a disgusting television personality. Dozens of people who can’t put their names in good newspapers. This columnist Viz To Lamphun: Georgey Tory. To say the least, it seems strange that major Northeastern publications remain silent about the political revolution that has bluened Tory, the former Labor home.

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London-based critics are convinced that Geordie Tory is the left-behind loser who voted for Brexit and Boris Spit Roast to express his anger at globalization. This is just part of the story. The hidden truth about Geordie Tory is that he’s actually doing pretty well for himself. He didn’t go on to college (thus avoiding the student debt pile), but soon found a job at a local company, and his money went far north of the south. He lives in a four-bedroom semi-detached, has two cars on the drive, and can rely on two pairs of grandparents for childcare. He rushes to work or Asda in minutes, thinks the local school is doing an acceptable job and is looking forward to his next vacation in Florida. He sympathizes with his school friends who went to college, moved south, now live in a crowded apartment, or spent a few hours a day on a crowded train (before the covid-19 pandemic).

The world of Geordie Tory has changed with a combination of demassification and bourgeoisization. Labor power was based on industries (coal, steel, shipbuilding, etc.) and businesses (such as Swan Hunters and Vickers-Armstrong) that employed thousands of union members. The new economy is built on a combination of skill and flexibility. There are a few (mostly unionized) large companies (Flymo-Electrolux in Spennymoor, Cummins Engines in Darlington, Nissan in Thunderland), but they are hundreds of small businesses that manufacture auto parts, switch gear and air. Coexist with. Conditioners and specialized equipment for the oil and gas economy. Twenty years ago, towns like Amble in Northumberland didn’t have much upscale entertainment. Nowadays, restaurants, microbars and fashionable cafes are so packed that locals complain that they can’t find a place to park.

Geordie Tory has long been fascinated by Tory’s professional business, low-tax philosophy, but has continued to vote for Labor because of customs. Two things, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn, gave him permission to switch. Whether he voted for Brexit or not, he was dissatisfied with the attempt to overturn the “people’s will.” And the northeast to England and the south to America. It has provided the country with far more soldiers, sailors and airmen than its share of the population, and its landscape is studded with stone monuments of corrupt people (South Shields is any other in World War II. A town that has lost more citizens than citizens). Jordy Tory was offended if he mistaken courage for warmth and intended to vote for the man who made the excuse. IRA..

Nevertheless, he is far from being a government advocate, not to mention Tory activists. He thinks less about politics unless it affects his life. However, there have been some major changes in the last few years. The “sodyou” factor, which has always been an important aspect of regional politics, has found new goals. During the glorious days of workers from 1945 to the beginning of the 21st century, the “sodyou” factor favored the left. The Tories were the southern elite party in its soft hands and Nambi-Panby way. Today it upholds the right.Geordie Tory doesn’t like Boris Johnson as much as he hates Guardian-Establishing a metropolis of reading, British attacks and virtue signaling that insults Mr Johnson.

I feel blue

Does the Tories prove how credible Geordie is? He considers Sir Keir Starmer to be an improvement on his predecessor, but Labor is no longer relevant to his life. Local political parties correspond to two exotic (and almost incompatible) voter groups. It continues to draw support from those who are truly at a disadvantage in old mining towns like Asington. But its greatest success was in Newcastle, especially in the upscale suburbs east of the city, such as Tynemouth and Whitley Bay, as well as Gosforth and Jesmond ( Viz), In the north, civil servants (doctors married to lawyers, civil servants married to teachers) enjoy the most luxurious lifestyle in the country.

Geordie Tory certainly wants something in return for his vote. The short-term change of the northeast by southern England is one of his articles of faith, while at the same time gaining an unfair share of the country’s resources and creating something of no value. (Geordie, regardless of politics T-Shirts and shorts in the middle of winter are not “too soft” and productive, as are the people of the South.Conversion AhDual driveways one north of Morpeth, restoration of the Southeastern Northumberland Railroad, some notable projects to put cement mixers and excavators in place. This is enough. One of the biggest secrets in politics is to be at the forefront of the victory parade and declare yourself a leader. With a combination of strange situations, including both the long-term transformation of the Brexit and Geordie economies, this is exactly what the typical southern Tory, Alexander Boris Defefel Johnson, did in the northeast. ■■

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A new version of Essexman is born in the north

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