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Greetings, sweet pea!


Uhu, soak in your email bag! This is a letter from Richard B. of Portland. He has a problem with the recent “crude casual” story. Mercury..

“Reference: I never casually consider subscribing to or supporting a” news “organization. The word “Fuck” is used in the reportage of the store (Gucci) opened in downtown.. It’s non-professional, vulgar, non-beneficial, loosely casual, and shows indifference to the sensibilities of your wider potential audience. If your editorial policy chooses to adopt more mature professional standards, please let me know. —Richard B.


I hate it when this happens.in spite of Mercury It’s been around for over 20 years (and has used the word “crude casual” since day one), but it breaks through certain demographics, in this case “people with Google Alerts set as words”. There still seems to be a problem to do. Gucci. When doing so Our Blair Stenbic wrote a cheerfully acidic report About the Gucci store that chose to open in downtown Portland in the midst of a pandemic and historic ice / snow storm-the full disclosure contained the word “fuck”-this is Richard’s I think it was the first exposure Mercury.. (And perhaps the word “sexual intercourse” in its written form?)

Now, what I want to clarify to those who are reading us for the first time is Mercury Rarely The article uses the word “sexual intercourse”. Well, I see … maybe “rarely” is an understatement.But we absolutely Absent The word “sexual intercourse” is more than 35 … probably 45 percent, 46 percent including this article.

Would you say “sexual intercourse” more often if you could?Fuck Okay, I would! Absolutely fucking-absolutely! “Fuck” is a great way to apply emphasis to any sentence if italics don’t cut mustard.Example: “Richard B. was furious when he learned that Costco stopped selling the Bible” vs. “Richard B. Incense To learn that Costco is no longer selling the Bible “vs.” Richard B. was fucking Incense For Costco to learn shit, shit no longer sells shit Bible, and he’s right, because Fuck it!! “

Everyone, that’s exactly “Dynamic Lighting 101”.

But let’s dig a little deeper. We are celebrating the 1st anniversary of “Oh … this COVID-19 is real!” Since that time, things … haven’t been great for me.

In addition to being locked out of friends and keeping sane extracurricular activities, I had to fire more than half. Mercury Spent more than 6 months to find a loved one, a therapist who could help me handle the guilt I experienced after I fired myself Mercury Beloved ones worked 12-18 hours a day during protests last summer, fighting repeated bouts of depression, only by police officers and federal agents who shot gas bombs and various munitions in their heads. The repaid, week-long wildfire repeatedly tried and failed to keep the kids engaged in online learning, and spent eight hours a day destined for horrifying news stories (this is my job). I cried while standing and peeingAnd … oh! I tried to keep my family from freezing during last week’s storms and power outages, so I’m going to write with a pencil on March 15th, remembering that there will be regular disasters (like wildfires) from now on. I did. A long postponed earthquake in Portland. Oh yeah! It’s not a great year.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you made it worse.I’m absolutely fucking specific Others, especially those who are as employed as I am, not whites or men. So here’s a question for Richard B. What’s wrong with FUCK?

Why — all The overwhelming and horrifying shit that has buried us in daily landslides over the past year — are you? Anxious fucking regarding Mercury Do you use the word “fuck” in articles about Gucci fucking?

Now, in Richard B’s defense, he might answer: “In fact, I’m the same as my favorite store (and a permanent symbol of capitalist victory) in the world (I’m 1) a COVID, mass unemployment, an increase in homelessness, national food insecurity, and a liar Republican. Gucci is actively trying to destroy democracy while being unfairly disturbed by the press, which uses the word “fuck” in the text. “

If so, congratulations to Richard B! I wish I had the ability to compartmentalize. But apparently I don’t shit.

Because a year later I … all Had … There are no better words to better describe the trauma that we all have and continue to endure:


That said, I hope that everyone reading this will ease it with themselves and each other, dreaming of a better day to come.And if you don’t care Mercury Thank you for the efforts we have made to keep Portland’s sexual intercourse informed, sometimes using the word “sexual intercourse”. Consider regular donations To help us keep the fucking light on.

support Portland Mercury

Thanks for the fucking writing about Richard B.! And with regard to your request, “If your editorial policy chooses to adopt more mature professional standards, please let me know”, I just say this:


Hmm.Stephen Humphrey
Portland Mercury
(He he)


A Note from the Mercury’s Editor: “Crudely Casual” – Blogtown Source link A Note from the Mercury’s Editor: “Crudely Casual” – Blogtown

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