A pair accused of stealing luggage from Cleveland Airport, including women’s ashes – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-29 18:46:21 –

Cleveland (WJW) — A video just released on FOX 8 I-TEAM shows a suspected thief stealing luggage at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, which contained the ashes of someone’s loved one.

The latest case of luggage stolen by Hopkins. But I’ve learned that security videos can help solve this mystery.

A few weeks ago, the family flew to northeastern Ohio to fill the ashes of Doris Moulin. However, Harold Calaca told us that the ashes bag was gone before the family went to the baggage claim.

This video shows passengers arriving at the baggage claim. At the same time, men and women are coming from opposite directions. They hover around the baggage carousel and then grab each suitcase. Police believe they are actually thieves.

Ash and the suspect seemed to be gone forever, but maybe not.

According to the family, Cleveland police have narrowed down the suspects, one shining light on the missing ashes.

“They interviewed the suspect,” Harold Calaca said. “They dropped the bag at the downtown transit terminal and left it there when they found the contents of the bag.”

“It’s unusual, and the family is devastated.”

In this case, a suitcase was also stolen by a man who traveled on the same plane.

Theft of these luggage at Hopkins is happening from time to time. And recently I showed you a video of another baggage case taken from a baggage claim stolen in the same way.

Police have charged the suspect in other recent cases.

They are currently building evidence for justice in the case of stolen ashes.

Police say they searched for ashes when a suspect said they had been thrown away, but no luck.

Still, Harold Karaka praises the efforts made by the investigators, and he has not given up hope.

“We just want to get the ashes back, and everything else is up to law enforcement,” he said.

And through all that, this mystery sends another warning to all air travelers. Be careful with your belongings and what you pack in your luggage.

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