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This opinion piece was published in the April 6, 1968 edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

There is no rest or tranquility in America until Negro is granted citizenship.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Perhaps you can look up the words of almost every dead man, and by chance you can find some phrases that seem to reveal a gift to the prophecy. The tomb amplifies and enhances words that were not noticed when spoken.

However, these words from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963 should have been recognized when the worst violence was spoken as a subsequent prophecy before it hit the United States. Even a little familiar with history shows that the body of a man frozen from the mainstream of life at the time will not be released by any means, including violence, and will not rub forever under restraint. Probably.

It was a begging of White America to avoid King. He begged the whites to voluntarily open the door to society, otherwise the tranquility would disappear. At the same time, he advised increasingly impatient people to find their place in society in ways other than “cheating.” He continued to anoint the problematic waters in an attempt to break down the barriers as he gained time.

But as the inadequate reaction from white America went on, King lost more and more positions to the militants. As black frustration grew, fewer people listened to King and more people listened to extremists.

It’s the message King had to White America that day in 1963, but he barely heard it. And now it’s at this Pearl Harbor of American conscience.

King’s measure of value is best illustrated by how much he currently needs. King’s black community, disciples, and colleagues have voices of why blood is blood-bearing and counseling as he did that two mistakes were never correct. However, none of them have the height or respect of Nobel laureates. No one has the ability or qualifications to calm a threatening ethnic storm.

Even if King’s previous words are no longer in us, we can only expect them to be heard more clearly. You can expect the blacks, who broke up with King and started chasing the brutal leaders, to see the man and his message from a new perspective. And we can only expect the same to apply to the white community. Those who hate King or fire him as a troublemaker can see what he was. As a sane sentry, he is deeply plagued by threats to his country. , And trying to persuade a well-meaning man to listen desperately.

It is a paradox that the death of a rational person now threatens to create widespread absurdity. So, with his martyrdom guidance, is it possible that the United States can return from the brink of anarchy? Or does the act of hatred create more desires? Will a white man who secretly believes his death will help him right for torture and a black man who spit on his grave by in-kind retaliation will dominate in the next few days? Do you think Americans are standing at this crossroads and crouching in horror while the social Neanderthals club each other and destroy us all in the process?

As Senator Frank Church of Idaho said yesterday, this is not a conflict between black men and whites, but a conflict between good and bad. Unless this evil is defeated, the bell currently ringing for King may also be ringing for America. — BH

A Pearl Harbor Of The Conscience | Flashback Source link A Pearl Harbor Of The Conscience | Flashback

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