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The reopening of Casa Bonita under new ownership does not necessarily cause a resurgence along the West Colfax Corridor, but it may speed up the already ongoing corridor and, if done correctly, is symbolic. Provides a model of how to update and maintain a good tourist draw.

Since opening in 1974 at JC Penny’s restaurant with shutters in a suburban strip mall between Kendal and Pierce Avenues along West Corfax Avenue, it has served food such as real cliff divers and fake shootouts. The Mexican restaurant we serve has attracted the attention of families for generations. ..

The restaurant closed the door early in the pandemic and owner The Summit Family Restaurant sought bankruptcy protection in April. However Last month the summit signed a sales contract With the natives of Colorado and a group led by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park.

“Retail has been a challenge for many years, but the spectacular vision of the creators of” South Park “for the future of Casa Bonita could benefit local commercial and residential real estate in the West Colfax region. There is sex. If anything, the purchase of Trey and Matt may serve as a model for preserving the history of West Colfax as a whole, “said Philip Kranefuss, head of real estate for Colorado at the brokerage firm Homie.

Parker and Stone became legendary restaurants among fan bases around the world when they featured restaurants in episodes of the 2003 anime series, and have been emphasizing them for many years.

According to Kranefuss, the restaurant is a facility in the Denver area, a rite of passage for local children, and its appeal can be seen as the tourist attraction expands into an army of “South Park” fans. Its preservation and continuation is a major issue not only for neighboring areas, but also for larger metropolitan areas.

He hopes that the neighborhood will look very different 10 years from now, and that Casa Bonita will be part of that transformation.

“We are very enthusiastic about what is happening in Casa Bonita. Anything that rejuvenates the restaurant is good for us,” adds William Marino, President of the 40 West Arts District. “Good things are happening in West Colfax. There is real momentum and we need it to continue.”

Founded in 2011, the Arts District bought a building in the parking lot next to Casa Bonita, which once housed the Denver Drumstick Restaurant. According to Marino, the once popular restaurant, known for its model railroads running around restaurants, has been open for about 20 years and is a symbol of the great decline of the neighborhood.

According to Marino, one of the purposes of buying this building is to provide local artists with permanent gallery space so that nearby artists can’t be priced when they come back, Denver’s former It’s about avoiding the patterns found in artist shelters.

Lamar Station Plaza, a strip mall that houses Casa Bonita with its distinctive pink stucco belfry, is home to Broad Street Realty. JCRS Shopping Center Dilapidated for $ 8 Million In 2014.. In the late 1800s, the Jewish Consumption Relief Society or JCRS treated tuberculosis patients there.

Shopping centers used to stagnate at 30% vacancy, but now house Planet Fitness and Dutch Brothers, but there are also discounted retailers and thrift shops for the local population.

“It’s really about the redevelopment of commercial spaces. The general idea is to retain the funky and associated positive energy of Corfax,” said Robert Smith, Director of Economic Development at Lakewood.

Lakewood has a total of 91 commercial and residential projects that have recently been completed or are underway. Development map maintained by the city.. Of that total, 38 were completed last year, 17 were completed this year, and 15 residential and 12 commercial projects are currently underway.

Many of these projects are concentrated at the northern end of the city, between the W Light Rail Line and the Corfax Corridor. The Colfax Corridor once served as the main connecting corridor for travelers driving between the Midwest and California, and was full of motels and eateries. ..

As the wider and faster interstate 70 north became the main road, Corfax began to see more used car dealerships, pawn shops, and vacant buildings.

Part of the redevelopment challenge for the region was that it was designed with setbacks and parking to accommodate the automotive culture. However, my current preference is for a more dense and walkable area with nearby amenities.

“The West Colfax Corridor is in the Renaissance,” Smith said, adding that the purchase of “South Park,” which is awaiting approval in the bankruptcy court, has been a great success in marketing Casa Bonita. “Part of the value of the restaurant is that it has such a prestigious history. All parties involved want to maintain, enhance and strengthen its heritage.”

A refreshed Casa Bonita could accelerate redevelopment along West Colfax corridor Source link A refreshed Casa Bonita could accelerate redevelopment along West Colfax corridor

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