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If you want to see the blood, guts, dumb, a little artistic, tense and eerie that define the most horrifying movies on this Halloween, pull up your chair and enjoy the joy of these “horror adjacencies”. ..

With few villains and virtually no blood, the gems of these films from a horde of international filmmakers bring filmmaking back to what it should be. A character-driven feast where you can see Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

Your local video store (if that was still a problem) has probably posted studies of these dark characters and psychological rabbit holes in the horror section, even if they borrow certain horror factors from the genre. not.

Most of these mature takes are available on AMC’s streaming service Shudder.com, but if you’re interested in the award-winning international horror shorts, try the free Facebook channel Alter.

Mission (2017)

While taking the billionaire and his team to Mars, a French psychologist (actress and composer Helen Vivis) discovered an unconscious Russian astronaut on the surface of a rock. The strange traveler was thought dead for decades, and his sudden recovery may be the key to his modest savior’s evolution into the future of life on the two planets. It leads to the revelation.

Openly borrowed from 2001: A Space Odyssey and many other spaceflight films, this sophisticated suspense television sci-fi series wobbles a bit towards the end of the second season. This introduces a metaphysical philosophy. Parallel world and rebellious robot.

Still, the two seasons span 10 20-minute episodes each, and the “Mission” is a great midnight snack before bedtime. Director Julian Lacombe, French, international cast.

Starfish (2019)

“ Starfish” (2019)

Written, directed, deliciously scored and filmed in a small Colorado town, this “horror-adjacent” sensation of joy, written by British bubblegum pop-rock band Ghostlight AT White, is all about the suddenly invaded BonIver music video. Has an emotional weight-eating aliens.

After the death of his best friend, a distraught young woman (Marvel’s “Runaway” Virginia Gardner) broke into the apartment and spent the night, but the next morning, heavy snow, abandoned streets, tall stone monoliths, and horrifying. I woke up to something extra. A dimensional intruder seduced and repelled by the frequency of a dead female mixtape.

Fans of “the last (good) man standing” movies such as “I Am Legend” and “A Quiet Place” will find fresh takes on familiar themes, gorgeous indie soundtracks, and fascinating You’ll enjoy dramatic scores and deliberately paced storytelling. Laser-Focus on intimate details.

It even feels uncomfortable when the musical portal sends our girlish disliked heroine to the free fall of cartoon animation, and another portal drops her out of her movie set and spies herself between takes. not. The ending of the soap opera can use some rewrites, but that applies almost entirely to the entire genre.

Devil (2015)

“Disturbance” (2015)

At an elaborate wedding in the Polish countryside, when the ghost of a Yiddish girl has a groom (Israeli actor Itai Tiran, who can writhe like a fire cat), the party really gets excited and gets married Even as a wedding party, he politely drives him crazy and pretends to be unnoticed. Does the family he is married to literally have one or two backyard skeletons?

An allegorical view of selective historical memory loss and a country’s preference for filling a tortured past. The story, mixed with gorgeous and poetic melancholy, has at least as subtle humor as horror.

“We have to forget what we didn’t see here,” says the bride’s father. After the all-night delight turned completely sideways, “because we witnessed only the effects of collective hallucinations.”

The “devil”, called the Polansky style, was co-authored and directed in Polish by Marcin Wrona, who committed suicide in a hotel room while the film was about to be screened at the Polish National Film Festival.


“ Piggy / Serdita” (2018)

In the Spanish countryside, overweight teens are deeply humiliated by the hands of mean girls, including their childhood friend Claudia. The serial killer then ran away with her clothes and forced the house to take a long walk, virtually undressed. This free horror shorts from the Facebook channel Alter is from Spain, but it’s so tense and there’s very little conversation, so no subtitles are needed. Written and directed by Spanish television writer Carlota Martínez-Pereda.

Utopia (2020)

“Utopia” (2020)

This Amazon Prime conspiracy series is a group of fanboys and fangirls looking for a comic book that looks delicious, destructive, non-political and violent, and portrays a future virus pandemic that will end the world. I am chasing. The “The Walking Dead” show isn’t because everyone can be killed at any time and every character is driven into the house so hard that it’s a consumable item.

John Cusack should be award-winning for his pitch-perfect portrayal of the world-famous biotech mogul, but the seemingly destined entire ensemble cast is dead. Created by Gillian Flynn, who wrote the novel and screenplay for “Gone Girl.”

Spelling (2019)


In mourning the possibility of his fiance’s suicide, a grumpy cartoonist with a strange obsessive-compulsive disorder makes an unplanned trip to Iceland. There, locals suspect that he is a reincarnation of an ancient wizard who can raise the dead.

This Slowburn love letter to the dead has both surprises and mysteries, but don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for a horde of terrifying demons to pop out.

Barak Hardley (co-authored, produced, star) has accomplished an impressive acting feat in the sadness of sorting out the overwhelming American tourist comic persona and the conflicting emotions about his self-destructive woman. Combining more sympathetic characters of the almost widow who dawns never got married. Now throw an escalating psychosis into this psychological rabbit hole.

Filmed in Iceland, directed by music video director Brendan Walter, scored by Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump, and featuring the Weathers Rivers Quomo audio cameo.

Dogs don’t wear pants (2019)

“Dog doesn’t wear pants”

A few years after his wife’s tragic drowning, the surgeon reveals his life in a strange new way after an accidental encounter with an emotionally separated ruler who leads him to erotic choking. To discover.

If you’re looking for a sexy and cheesy thrill, look away. This beautifully filmed, atmospheric story is about sadness, longing, and missing a teenage daughter’s rock recital because the trauma unit in her hospital robbed her of oxygen.

Still, as research on the characters adjacent to horror progresses, there are writhing-inducing tooth extractions and evil candle play enough to call this meditation in Anomie almost scary. From the Finnish director JP Valkeapää, with a dented wound-like affection.

Oldboy (2003)

“Old Boy” (2003)

It’s not an official horror movie, but the unfortunate drunkard who was imprisoned alone in a hotel room for 15 years without explanation certainly has horror. When he was finally released ten years after punching through the wall, his quest for “Punisher” style revenge is directly from the comic book, in this case the Japanese manga series of the same name.

Called “Neo Noir Action / Psychological Thriller,” this instant cult classic won the Grand Prix award at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. Park Chan-wook’s revenge trilogy, the second of the dark and often forgotten “sympathy for revenge” (2002) and the dark comic “Lady Vengeance” (also known as “Lady Vengeance”). It is the most fully realized work in. For Lady Vengeance “) (2005). Each goes to work in about 2 hours.

Spike Lee’s 2013 remake of Hollywood stars such as Josh Brolin and Samuel L. Jackson earned $ 4.8 million at the box office, a fraction of the $ 30 million budget, Lee. It’s one of the worst box office achievements in his career. .. Actor Will Smith and director Steven Spielberg have moved away from the previously planned remake in 2009. In other words, stick to the Chan-wook version.

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