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Belmont Hotel is located on 409 W. Wells Street and opened on October 7, 1926. The five-story building was constructed of brick and steel. In the 150-room hotel, 80 rooms had a bus starting at $ 1.50 per day. During the strong economy of the early 1920s, the development of the entire city of Milwaukee grew. A new batch of architects has applied modern technology to make their craftsmanship well known in the city. Belmont was built by Martin Tullgren & Sons, one of the most prosperous of these companies. The company was originally a Chicago architectural firm and moved to Milwaukee in 1902.

“Belmont was never a luxury hotel, but it always survived.” Milwalky Journal.. Thirty years after its opening, the coffee shop became the “headquarters of the people of the night” and became a late-night landmark where musicians, huslers, prostitutes, homeless people, strippers, actors, hippies, gamblers and deputy police officers gathered until the bar closed. rice field. If you were there to witness or participate in the antiques that happened in the meantime, it’s a memory that most of us don’t have today and will never be seen again in downtown Milwaukee. From what I heard and read, no one blinked or judged the escape that took place. There were communities of all kinds, representing every margin of life.

Recall the personal experience of the Old Mill Walkie Group on Facebook.

Irma Roman recalls passing Belmont one night in 1995 or 1996. Police taped part of the sidewalk. There was a man on the roof who “throws tires on the street.”

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“The hotel was a gathering place for people seeking friendship, especially after midnight on weekends,” recalls Kenstein.

John Zwick said: We used the passenger elevator to bring the beer downstairs. Sometimes there were some very interesting riders. “

Ruth Ann Shlimovitz drank the first legal drink in Belmont in July 1964. Journal sentinel.. My friend and I walked around at lunch and she bought me a drink. We knew it wasn’t the place for good “girls” to go. I think it was a vodka gimlet. I was pregnant with my first child. “

Nancy Alvarado was at the bar the night it closed in February 1996. “My colleague’s wife was a bartender. My colleague (Harry) took off his shirt and danced at the bar. It made the front page of Sentinel next morning. Harry was ill and tried to call, but our boss said, “Harry, you’re on the first page of the paper!”

The appearance of Belmont remained decent. But once a luxury hotel, it has turned into a low-rent boarding house. With no apparent commercial value, pressure from the dismantling of the city began on May 20, 1996, giving way to a new convention center. Hotel residents were given $ 225 and a 30-day move. Today, Force and Wells was abandoned in the early hours of the night, which was quiet and full of unusual life and colors of all kinds. The hotel’s lasting heritage is the iconic and beloved sign that adorned the building.Thankfully, the sign is still alive Hanzinger Construction Company In Brookfield.

Adam Levin is the administrator of the Old Milwaukee Facebook group. , And the author of Milwaukee’s fading ads.

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