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A small study is examining children with Covid inflammatory syndrome

Dr. Neuberger, who was not involved in the UK report, called it “providing new information in the knowledge gap on the long-term effects of MIS-C” and “small but important research.”

She and the author herself found that the findings were limited because the children in the study were not compared to the control group of children without MIS-C or children with other illnesses. For example, it is unclear whether their emotional problems or weakness are the result of the syndrome or whether they are in the process of being hospitalized for illness or other stressors during this time. “During the pandemic, mental health and physical condition generally hit children and adolescents,” said Dr. Newberger.

Dr. Srinivas Murthy, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of British Columbia who was not involved in the new study, may find it difficult to figure out which residual problems are directly due to the syndrome and which are the causes. Said not. Serious illness. He said that the fact that some children still have weakness and endurance problems may require other types of care, including “post-hospital rehabilitation opportunities.” He said it could bring important lessons.

In fact, Dr. Penner said the team at Great Ormond Street Hospital changed to treating children hospitalized with the syndrome after the fall because they were aware of the effects on muscles at onset and severe fatigue and weakness. Added. These kids are. “

In hospitals, for example, “it’s often very difficult for these kids to just move from bed to the toilet,” he said.

The hospital is currently focusing on providing in-hospital physiotherapy to children and working with musculoskeletal therapists, sending them personalized rehabilitation plans linked to the app.

“Occupational therapists also participated in developing a monthly fatigue program in which parents participate in group sessions,” said Dr. Penner. “The main message we give them is this cycle of boom and bust, where children try to do the same thing as before, and then cause some sort of crash rather than a gradual increase. I think it’s about avoiding. Returning the activity to normal. “

A small study is examining children with Covid inflammatory syndrome

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