A Somali heritage Englishman nominated as a suspect in the murder of Ames

A 25-year-old British citizen was nominated by government officials for arresting a terrorist suspect. The murder of Sir David Ames, Conservative lawmakers were fatally stabbed on Friday.

Ames, the representative of Essex’s Southend West, was stabbed many times during meetings with members at the Belfair’s Methodist Church in Leonsea. Essex police said the man had been arrested after the incident and was not looking for other suspects.

A senior Whitehall official confirmed that Somali heritage 25-year-old Briton Alihar Biari was suspected. One individual who knew the situation said it was unclear why ants targeted Ames. “It’s immeasurable,” they added.

The Metropolitan Police Department declared the killing of the terrorist attack on Saturday, and the military’s counterterrorism directive took over the investigation from the local army.

The Metropolitan Police Department said on Saturday night that the suspect was arrested under Article 41 of the 2000 Terrorism Act, allowed long-term detention before prosecution, and a security judge allowed the man to be detained until Friday, October 22. Stated.

The military said it had investigated three addresses in London in connection with the investigation. It is not clear where the address is.

Neither the military nor interior ministry officials confirmed reports that Ali was introduced to a counter-terrorism program aimed at distracting Islamists or those showing signs of far-right extremism.

MI5, a UK domestic security service, is working closely to assist in police investigations. The Metropolitan Museum of Art also said a post-mortem examination was done on Saturday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leader of opposition Sir Keir Starmer, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Chairman of the House of Commons, and Interior Minister Priti Patel paid tribute to Ames, a member of Essex.

Johnson dedicated a wreath that described Ames as “a respectable member of parliament, a highly beloved colleague and friend.” Starmer writes that he is “a devoted civil servant, husband, and father.”

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government “will continue to review and strengthen measures” to protect the safety of parliamentarians.

“We cannot give in to individuals or motivations, those who have motivations that prevent us from functioning to serve the elected democracy. That is why we are taking steps.” She said.

Labor is not expected to be a candidate in the Southend West by-elections to elect a new MP. A party insider said he would follow Torries’ decision not to run for the 2016 Batley and Spen by-election after the death of Labor lawmaker Jo Cox, who was killed outside the constituency’s surgery.

The killing of Ames in the place of worship shocked religious communities throughout Britain. On Saturday, three South End mosques issued a joint statement condemning “brutal and meaningless killings.”

According to statements from Essex Jam Masjid, Faisan Madina Masjid Southend, and Southend Mosque, the killing was “an undefended atrocities committed on the grounds of place of worship.” “We blame it with the strongest words possible.”

A Somali heritage Englishman nominated as a suspect in the murder of Ames

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