A surprising defeat in one of India’s largest states shows that Modi is not invincible.Amit Chaudhuri

IMonth to n Parliamentary elections In West Bengal, I began to realize that the state I once lived in, which was once away from home, could soon be under the control of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). What I noticed was talking to a Bengali of the ordinary working class. K, a man in his late thirties who came to work for us, said he would vote for the BJP briefly but firmly. Reason? “You sometimes have to abandon a powerful party. That’s good for them.” He was calling the Kerala model. In Kerala, voters regularly alternate between putting one of the two major political parties in power. Electors in all states, and in fact the whole country, will probably go the way of Kerala if there are viable opponents.

From K, I learned directly what I knew theoretically. The term “anti-incumbancy” means that the administration does not capture the ground-level grudges that people begin to feel towards parties that are too long. The grudges in states like Bengal are not so much directed at the party’s main figurehead. It is a reaction to the intolerable nature of local sponsorship and politics of the territory. Wherever you go in West Bengal, you’ll find terrain everywhere, including sidewalks, teahouses, shops, and roadsides. “Clubs” (its major political, social and sports institutions), celebrations of celebration – are politicized. Dominant distribution manifests itself through omnipotent low-level functionals who distribute governance through bullying. Others I spoke with K thought it was time to teach these people lessons. For them, voting for the major Hindu nationalist parties was not about temples or Islam.

These conversations-and I had some of them-occurred before the now infamous maskless rally.Of the prime minister Didi West Bengal’s Prime Minister, a provocation directed at Mamata Banerjee at the Trina Mall Conference. Didi (Sister); The latter campaign In a wheelchair after being injured in a brawl; include Shooting at Sitalkuchi.. Uttar Pradesh’s Prime Minister, Yogia Ditianas’s repeated appearances, WHO Emphasis Robustness and chanting of Hindu identity to his potential members Jai Shri Rum (“Victory over Lord Rama”), and the visit from Interior Minister Amit Shah seems to have failed in the end. There was rebellion on the side of Mamata, and victory on the side of the gangster who robbed her. Meanwhile, the first half of the withdrawn, phased out elections was underway.

At the same time, the pandemic had an unimaginably shocking resurgence.In the midst of this, K went home to vote in Nabadwip on the 22nd.April. My wife and I were supposed to vote on April 26th. This was a time when people had reached an unprecedented understanding of the cost of religion and politics as entertainment, the crowd of Kumbh Mela, and Modi’s speech on Mann Ki Baat’s radio show. Patients with oxygen deficiency Was (and still) Dead in Delhi, their bodies were burned in an improvised crematorium. And people were also beginning to notice Modi in new ways: as hollow and almost non-existent. Creations in incarnations (orators, capitalist managers, strongmen) who had currency, and the imagination of his supporters’ imagination.

In a window between 20And on April 26th, I realized that it would be difficult for the BJP to beat Bengal. It was a feeling, not a hope. Voting over the last three days has occupied a significant number of seats. It’s less than half, but it’s a significant percentage. My feeling that the BJP wouldn’t work was related to the effects of the pandemic. Covid didn’t just influence turnout.It was hopeless, not even indifference of the central government Management mistake Of the crisis. The government has made terrible mistakes before, but the right-wing party hasn’t failed. Everything that is wrong is converted into energy.Think about Democratization And other catastrophic interventions. Think of Trump’s mistakes and how they affected his moral momentum. The far right agenda is to destroy the existing order and recreate it on its own terms. It does not distinguish between good and bad policies.

What the pandemic did was to end the addiction that is essential to the success of the BJP, unlike the catastrophe of democratization. It thrives from a sense of furious, enthusiastic empowerment, where almost every disaster, including homebrew disasters, serves as fuel. What makes the medicine? It is a convergence between sectarian paranoia and free market rhetoric. This is what we have appreciated in the seven years since Modi came to power.

But with the cold invasion of reality, we stop becoming Fantasists, at least temporarily. Not only was the BJP’s lack of governance, but also how embarrassingly weak the offer of candidates in Bengal would have dawned in the mind awakened from sectarian drugs. (The Left has espoused excellent young candidates. It’s sad that they didn’t have the systematic insight to translate their merits into votes.) In the end, the results confirmed this: BJP’s 77 seats, significant progress from 3 people even had more than half of the 200 they had before Proud They are significantly smaller than the once volatile Trinamool Congress 213 landslide tally.

The bailout is widespread, but there has been post-election violence from Trinamool’s complaints. Trinamool and the left need to be careful. It is they who are now largely deciding whether the BJP will win West Bengal within five years.

It is tragic to have died on such a scale to destroy drunkenness.Reveal that there are few leaders at this time India – There are most politicians, some of whom are more empty, timid, and shockingly indifferent than others. BJP drugs may reappear. But if the effect diminishes for a short period of time, the resurgence of human empathy remains a reference point in our memory. It will never be the same again.

A surprising defeat in one of India’s largest states shows that Modi is not invincible.Amit Chaudhuri

Source link A surprising defeat in one of India’s largest states shows that Modi is not invincible.Amit Chaudhuri

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